The Battle of Teutoburg Forest ~ Travian Battles

We know for a fact that some of you are into history but even if you aren’t, you might be familiar with the epic stories of famous commanders such as Varus and Arminius. After all, there is a big chance you are actually one yourself in Travian: Legends.

That’s why we have created what we like to call an “interactive storybook” that follows the extraordinary Battle of Teutoburg Forest.

You can check it out HERE!

travian battle teutoburg

By employing smart tactics, using the weather and environmental conditions to their advantage, and not least through treason, a bellicose group of Teutonic tribes annihilated three legions of the highly disciplined army of the Roman Empire.

But this is not just a historically accurate report of what happened in the year 9 AD.

We added a little twist to it and we made Travian-style. How cool is that?!

Will your decisions in Travian: Legends write history as those of Varus and Arminius?

The only way to find that out is playing a new round!


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