Statistics of the 1st month of the international qualification server by Safiren

I’ve been asked about the same statistics for the other qualification servers. Don’t worry, they will follow soon.
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Summary and basic information about the international qualification server by Safiren

This year’s international qualification server is perhaps just as interesting as the last. It’s too early to name a favorite. There are at least two coalitions in every quad that are potential WW builders and mutual enemies. This is maybe not the case not in SW, which gives them more time to prepare. A lot will depend on where the artifacts will go and whether the owners can hold them. I think there will be more fights for artifacts than normal. Most importantly, it will be interesting to see if lessons have been learned from Russia’s  exhibit in the last finale, when it becomes time for building plans. According to the maps drawn Turkey is going for the building plans, HellasDT has also settled close to that area, but it’s not too late for the others to take part in the hunt.

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Introducing the official Travian reporter, Safiren

Today we’d like to introduce you to Safiren. She’s the official reporter for the international qualification server for the 2017 tournament and she’s helping us by providing insights about what is happening on the international server. You might have already seen her section on the COM forum; if you haven’t visited it yet, you should – it’s full of fascinating information and interesting news. Read More

All the best for the Tournament 2017!

Very soon, you will enter the battlefields once more to compete in the annual Travian Tournament. We at Travian are already not just in Tournament mode but also in a great mood!

Every member of our team is looking forward to our biggest event that will include Travian players from all over the world.

Here we are, cheering you on and wishing everyone a great Tournament experience!

Travian Tournament – Retrospective

Join us as we look back at some milestones in competitive Travian!

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Tournament 2017 – Group stage results

Sharpen your swords and bolster your shields – The Travian Tournament 2017 is about to start soon!
The pre-registration on the Tournament, which will start on the 12th of June is now open.
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Travian Tournament: Details about the Qualification

As you know, the Tournament is almost upon us! The Qualification Round will be played on six Group Servers: Two International servers (one for Arabia and one COM server) and four servers with one hosting and three joining countries each.  Read More

Travian Tournament 2017

It is that time of the year again: We call our best and brightest players to assemble and battle each other on the fields of the Travian Tournament once more!

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