Tournament Finals are coming!

You are a brave warrior and your heroic deeds haven’t gone unnoticed! Have you qualified to defend your honor in the 2017 Travian Tournament Finals? Get ready, the Tournament 2017 finals server starts on November 15th, 2017 at 2:00 pm (GMT+1) and will be held on a double-speed server.
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Tournament 2017 – Qualification servers are over!

All the qualification tournament servers are over and Safiren wrote a postmortem for us!

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Tournament 2017 – World Wonder Race

The World Wonder race has begun and the qualification round will come to its end in around 3 – 4 weeks. Safiren, our official reporter for the COM qualification server, prepared an overview of the current state of the game after the release of the construction plans.

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Tournament 2017 – It’s time for construction plans!

Soon it’ll be time for the construction plans to arrive. Templar Knight gave us the coordinates (+/- a couple of fields) before the forums were shut down and Safiren checked if the alliances on the server have made good use of that information.

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Summary of North-West -|+ on international qualification by Safiren

Turkey is concentrated to the area in center, but they also have clusters a bit farer out. Many of their accounts have been banned/deleted. 386 accounts in all.

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Summary of South-West -|- on international qualification by Safiren

This is home to Dacia with 252 accounts. At first glance, it seems like it’s a good quad for simming towards the endgame, seven of the top ten in population are from this quad. There’s no significant competition for domination of the quad.

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Summary of South-East +|- on international qualification by Safiren

This quad is home to HellasDT, a Greek alliance with 223 accounts. HellasDT has won the COM qualification round two times in a row. They are a well-organized alliance with experienced players. They have settled in the area where building plans are appearing, as well in the area of 100/-100. Interestingly, they are confederates with Arabs, CheckerB, who they fought on the last COM qualification server.

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Summary of North-East +|+ on international qualification by Safiren

Time for maps! I like maps and I hope you find them interesting too. 🙂 I have a lot of reports, so I’m not sure if I have enough time to add them all, and I’m still waiting for answers on a few interview questions. I’ve checked all the numbers and rechecked them; this is from July 11.

Read and enjoy!

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Statistics of the 1st month of the international qualification server by Safiren

I’ve been asked about the same statistics for the other qualification servers. Don’t worry, they will follow soon.
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Summary and basic information about the international qualification server by Safiren

This year’s international qualification server is perhaps just as interesting as the last. It’s too early to name a favorite. There are at least two coalitions in every quad that are potential WW builders and mutual enemies. This is maybe not the case not in SW, which gives them more time to prepare. A lot will depend on where the artifacts will go and whether the owners can hold them. I think there will be more fights for artifacts than normal. Most importantly, it will be interesting to see if lessons have been learned from Russia’s  exhibit in the last finale, when it becomes time for building plans. According to the maps drawn Turkey is going for the building plans, HellasDT has also settled close to that area, but it’s not too late for the others to take part in the hunt.

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