Travian technology and the cloud

“By now we’ve moved all the game worlds to the cloud!” We received this statement towards the end of last year. But what actually is the cloud? Why has Travian been moved to the cloud? And most importantly: What benefits do our players have from this move?

Today Jörg Strathaus, the Chief Technical Officer at Travian Games, will answer these questions and more on the topic, as we’d like to offer you a look behind the scenes of Travian.
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Interview with Campbell Askew

Does the name Campbell Askew sound familiar to you? Some of you will most likely have heard some of his works, be it in famous Hollywood blockbusters or in a range of console games. He has also created the soundtrack to our new Travian version. If the name still doesn’t ring a bell, here’s some help. Mr. Askew introduces himself as well as his work of course in the following interview. Enjoy the read.  Continue reading… “Interview with Campbell Askew”


Interview: The heart of a gamer

What’s the job of a Game Director?

Eckart Foos is the Game Director for Travian. That means, he’s the central figure and responsible for anything that has to do with the game. The 40-year-old Fribourg native sat down for an interview with us and talked about his role in the company, T5 and the “heart of a player”.

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