T5: Kingdoms

In Travian 5, you will play as either king or governor. Both roles have advantages and disadvantages. You can crown yourself king at any time or join one of the kingdoms around you as a governor. Read More

Interview with Gerhard Müller: Kingdoms

In the video from Gerhard (2 of 5 in the series) he talks about the kingdom system which is new in Travian T5. Read More

Travian V: Interview with Gerhard Müller

This is the first part of five upcoming videos where Gerhard Müller informs you about the upcoming new features and changes on T5, the new version of the Travian Browsergame. In this video Gerhard, also known as KEEN, introduces himself and tells you more about the upcoming videos. Read More

Unpacking of the Chieftain

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T4.4 – Summary of the changes

Here you can find a summary of all the new features of today’s T4.4 version of the browser game Travian.
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T4.4 – Map, beginners’ protection and daily quests


The topics of the last few days were all regarding one particular category each. This won’t be possible for today’s topic. Today, I will write about the map, beginners’ protection and daily quest changes.
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T4.4 – The Rally Point

“We are saving the best for last!” You will see that this is certainly true.

Today, I will introduce you to the best change in T4.4 by far. I’m not going to keep you in suspense any longer. Just continue to read and make up your own mind about the change!

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Tea@Three: Michael


Tell us your Name / Nickname and how old you are
My name is Michael and I´m 37 years old. During my time as an active player I called myself ForFour (like the car!)
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T4.4 – Culture points, the basic requirement for each new villages

Today’s article will be all about changes regarding culture points. Culture points are one of the most important aspects of Travian and every player aims to collect as many as possible as quickly as possible, in order to settle or conquer more villages.

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T4.4 – Water bucket, adventures and balancing

In today’s blog entry, I would like to introduce you to the changes regarding adventures and hero items.

Ever since the first version of T4, the hero has played a significant role and has become ever more important for the game. This has also been the subject of controversial discussions. For example, many players shared the opinion, that hero items such as scrolls, artworks and water buckets had too great an influence particularly at the start of the game. Read More