Game Update ~ Automated Ban Punishment Offer ~ Customer Service

During the Legends on Tour 2019 Summit, the Customer Service team presented a new system to improve rule enforcement.

The most visible part of these improvements is the new in-game “offer and accept” penalty -feature. With it, the rule enforcement team can determine a penalty while issuing a ban to an account, and the player can then accept that penalty to continue playing right away! There will be no need anymore to message back and forth to get your account unbanned. Read More

Game Design ~ Notes from Legends On Tour 2019

Another big batch of notes, while you are waiting for the 2019 Travian Tournament! It’s time for some Game Design! Read More

Ask Travian #17 – Progressing through the Game

What’s the goal of the first phase of the game? What happens mid-game? OMG, when can I build my troops? In this episode, we give potential new players (and old ones) an overview of all the different phases of the game!

Community Survey ~ Result Analysis

Before our Legends on Tour 2019 Summit, we ran a survey in our communities to ask our players whether they would like to see certain features in the regular Travian: Legends game worlds. During the event, we showed and discussed the results of this survey. Read More

Customer Service ~ Notes from Legends On Tour 2019

I know you are dying to know more about what we discussed during our Legends on Tour 2019 Summit. That moment has finally come, so brace yourselves… the Notes are coming!

Customer Service is the first topic we cover but in the following days, we will also report about Community Management and Game Design.

Since it’s going to be a VERY long post, you will be able to download the PDF version.

Let’s go!

Read More

Daily Quests ~ Game Update

During our Legends on Tour 2019 Summit we promised a variety of changes… and we are glad to present the first one (of many)! Read More

Legends on Tour – Day 4

Here we are. The final day of Legends on Tour 2019. Time to say goodbye… Read More

Legends on Tour 2019 – Day 2

Let’s begin by saying that we were expecting some action on Day 2 and luckily we were not disappointed. But of course, when the main topic is Game Design and Game Development you know for a fact that some very juicy topics will be on the menu!

Oh boy, the list is long, but keep in mind that this particular post is only a small sneak peek. As we already mentioned yesterday, expect a detailed report in the following weeks.

But what happened today? Read More

Ask Travian #16 – The Power of Alliances

How do you find the perfect alliance for you? Can your alliance help you if you get farmed or attacked? Do I get any bonuses for being in an alliance? In this episode, we answer all your questions about alliances!

Everything You Need to Know About Alliance Bonuses

Being in alliance has many perks (SPOILER ALERT! We have an upcoming episode of Ask Travian on that topic) and one of those is alliance bonuses.

But what are those bonuses? Read More