5 Questions with Spartan King ~ Legends on Tour 2019

Meet Spartan King, spokesperson of the French domain in the upcoming Legends on Tour 2019 Summit! Read More

5 Questions with BlackBlade ~ Legends on Tour 2019

Only 3 weeks left until our Legends on Tour 2019 Summit… Isn’t it exciting?!? We personally cannot wait!

It’s time to get to know the representatives you have voted for! First in line BlackBlade, who is going to speak for the Anglosphere domain. Read More

Legends on Tour 2019 Summit

The “Legends on Tour” summit is coming back with a brand-new format. In this post, you can get all the information you need to apply and become a Legend yourself! Read More

Ask Travian – Episode 6 – Legends on Tour

In this episode of Ask Travian, we’ll talk about Legends on Tour event where we invited 10 dedicated Travian players to discuss the game and improvements at the Travian Games HQ!

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Legends on Tour: Day 3

Last but not the least, of the Legends on Tour! It started with a bang with our first ever live-stream then continued into more workshops with customer service part 2, marketing and the tournament topics being tackled. Here are the highlights of Day 3!

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Legends on Tour: Day 2

The action doesn’t stop, on Day 2 of the Legends on Tour. Today, you could say, was the meat and potatoes of the event with some really exciting and juicy topics which our player guests got to sink their teeth into. Day 2 consisted of the game design workshop, new feature reveals and the development and QA workshop. Here are the highlights of the day!

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Legends on Tour: Day 1 Highlights

The Legends on Tour Day 1 was a busy day, to say the least! The energy, enthusiasm, and passion of our player guests were not withheld in the many discussions that took place throughout the day. Here are some brief highlights of Day 1 of the Legends on Tour.
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Legends on Tour: Meet Schmitz’ Katze

Now for the lucky last of our guests for the Legends on Tour event! She’s a Travian veteran and has been playing since 2010. Meet Schmitz’ Katze!

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Legends on Tour: Meet Lemon

You might know him from the UK speed server but now we get to know him just a little bit more personally. Meet Lemon one of our esteemed guest players visiting the Travian Games HQ from Denmark! Read More

Legends on Tour: Meet FreakZz

Well known for their deep knowledge of the game and willingness to offer great feedback, our next guest has been playing almost since Travian started. If you’re a part of the DE community, you might have seen their name before. Meet FreakZz A.K.A Rene from Germany!

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