Late Summer Specials ~ 1x and 10x special game worlds!

A cold wind blows from afar… What message will it bring?
The plaque transforms into a reddish-brown mass.
It’s raining outside… But this rain is pouring more than water.
Are you listening? It throws the echoes of the last battles…
It’s an unusual rain.

It is the message that something different is coming… Warriors have not had the opportunity to use their weapons for a very long time now. Their muscles are as weak as their rusty weapons. However, it is an unusual sight as the doctors celebrate together with the warriors. Nobody expected that the doctors would gain recognition in the eyes of warriors until now.

In their feasting, you can find a longing for the old days… They all remember the last battles in which everything happened faster than ever before. The holiday time is coming to an end… “Will its ending bring new adventures and challenges?” everyone wonders. Then, suddenly, they hear screams, screams coming from the main square. After some time, a scout ran into the inn, followed by a cool autumn breeze and an endless number of leaves. “Fast! Get ready! We’ll all need you again!” he yelled and ran to inform the others.

Without hesitation, they all got up, taking their equipment towards their next adventures… New fierce battles in the muddy waters begin to appear on the horizon, full of passion, strength, and struggle for supremacy.
The earth will be watered with sweat and blood, and new achievements will emerge! The winds are whispering…

The battles will be more intense and faster than ever… Are you prepared for such a challenge? Autumn will embrace the difficult struggle and will highlight the virtuous warriors on the watered horizon!

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Travian: Legends – Fanartikel-Wettbewerb

Bald ist das Jahr zu Ende und langsam sollte man die Pläne für das kommende Jahr schmieden! Für 2017 haben wir uns vorgenommen, den Travian-Shop zu aktualisieren. Wie wäre es, wenn ihr euern eigenen Travian-Artikel vorschlagen könntet und wir diesen anschließend produzieren? Mit unserem Travian: Legends – Fanartikel-Wettbewerb könnt ihr das! Continue reading… “Travian: Legends – Fanartikel-Wettbewerb”


Travian: Rise of Alliances – Abenteuerreise (Rückblick I)

Normalerweise müsst ihr euch auf dem Schlachtfeld beweisen. Für unser Jubiläumsspecial Travian: Rise of Alliances haben wir uns jedoch etwas Besonderes ausgedacht: einen weltweiten Wettbewerb, bei dem wir euer logisches Denken auf die Probe stellen wollen. Heute präsentieren wir euch den ersten Teil des Rückblicks zum Wettbewerb. Continue reading… “Travian: Rise of Alliances – Abenteuerreise (Rückblick I)”