Travian: Path to Pandora – Prequel

My name is Shu, I am a Natarian bird of prey.

I used to live in the village Nekhen in the Travian lands a few miles from the Natarian capital Atum. My whole life was dedicated to serving my beloved Natarian emperor Asur.
Ten years ago, I was sent on a secret mission to discover a new land for my tribe, a land where we could thrive again. It was a long and difficult mission, and now that I am 40 years old, I am returning to tell my story.

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Fire and Sand x3 Speed

In case you missed the announcement on our latest Ask Travian episode #3, Fire and Sand x3 Speed servers are starting in April!

Wondering when your country’s game world starts?
Each server’s start date will be posted on our Facebook page and on the forums next week, so stay tuned!

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New Year’s Special Infographic – Stats so far…

The New Year’s Special servers have now been open for several weeks. Despite freezing conditions on the battlefield, the race for the World Wonders is fully underway. As the five tribes battle it out, we took a closer look at the servers for some interesting insights, check out what we discovered! Read More

Winter has arrived…

  • In the beginning of 2018 there will be New Year’s Special game worlds opening to celebrate the start of a new year! These servers will include World Wonders!
  • The New Year’s Special will use a standard flat map with the size of 501×501 instead of 801×801
  • We have heard your request, and here is our gift to start at best the new year: all 5 tribes will be fighting for the WW instead of the usual 3 tribes on these worlds!

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Fire and Sand Infographic

Since Fire and Sand launched tens of thousands of players have joined the epic battle for Travian dominance from around the world.  We’ve collected a handful of data points about the new Annual Special and have prepared our first infographic for those interested! Check it out!

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The Travian Vision for the Egyptians

Last time, we introduced you to our vision while creating the Huns for our annual special. A lot of thought went into creating the specific units and abilities of that new tribe. The same effort went into creating our version of the Egyptians.

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The Travian Vision for Huns

When the Travian team decided to include two new tribes in this year‘s annual special, we did not make that decision lightly. It was a tough call to make but ultimately, we were extremely excited to come up with entirely new tribes. Quickly, a vision for the Huns formed Read More

Annual Special 2017: The Egyptians Breakdown of the Units

Last time around, we were taking a look at the units of The Huns, one of the new tribes that await you in this September’s annual special. Today, we will be inspecting the Egyptian troops!

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DEV DIARY #4 – Where did the name “Fire and Sand” come from?

How did we come up with the name Travian: Fire and Sand? This is a long but fascinating story, and it will help me introduce you to the marketing team behind Travian.

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New tribe: A few words on the Egyptians

As we all know by now: This year‘s Travian Special will feature not one but two new tribes. Last time around, we introduced a little historical background on The Huns and today we take a look at the Egyptians.

The Egyptians are known for their massive pyramids so it is no surprise that they were expert builders. Yet, they also mastered economy and find new ways to use the river Nile to benefit their agriculture. This was largely the effort of bureaucrats and effective organization.

Their empire saw a decline after its hay day and became a Roman providence under Cleopatra, so we have a built in –  if uneasy – relationship between the Egyptians and our classic tribe.

Due to the Egyptian skills when it comes to manage an economy, their population is massive, their resource output is big and their units are produced in an effective, meaning cheap way.

We bet, our support players are already looking forward to send their Egyptians into battle, where they will meet with Gauls, Teutons, Romans and of course Huns!