Codex Victoria x2 Speed – What’s new?

Once again, the horizon got coloured to red before falling into the darkness of night. The elite Roman legions, Huns hordes, Gaul phalanxes, endless Teuton armies and columns of fearless Egyptians have arrived to the battlefield to prove their power and fight for supremacy. At doubled speed. With doubled power.

Lots of things have changed since their first battles. The hospital healers have mastered their skills and now were able to heal wounded troops with incredible effectiveness. The regions are now giving their power only if there are enough people settled there and the power of merged armies was limited.

Curious to find the details about what exactly would change in Codex Victoria x2? 

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5 Questions with Gerhard, Founder of Travian Games

After interviewing Brian, Product Owner of Travian: Legends, we decided to walk down memory lane once again with Gerhard Müller, one of the key figures that wrote the history of Travian: Legends as a game and Travian Games as a company.

If you don’t know him already, he is literally the one who came up with the game back in 2004 and one of the founders of Travian Games.

It’s safe to say that without him the Travian universe would not exist. And yes, it all started as a PHP hobby project and here we are, 15 years later, celebrating the game once again with its Annual Special, Codex Victoria.

Ready to hear about the past, the present and future of Travian?

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Behind the Annual Special ~ Travian: Codex Victoria

Made with passion. Played with passion. From our developers to veteran players: Find out more about the most action-packed special yet. This is Codex Victoria.

Who is Marcella? ~ Hero Adventures

There is a new heroine in the Travian: Legends’ universe and there are some riddles to solve…

But you are running out of time!

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Our traditional multiple day contest dedicated to the Annual Special server has begun!

Travian: Codex Victoria ~ All You Need To Know About The Annual Special

Whether you have been here from the very beginning or you have just created your first account, this is the time to celebrate!

Happy 15th Anniversary, Travian!

And how do you celebrate with us?!? 

By playing Travian: Codex Victoria!

What’s new in Codex Victoria?

Click on the links below to open the page:

➡️ Overview of all the new (and old) features ⬅️

➡️ Advanced Start ⬅️

➡️ The Hospital ⬅️

When is it starting?

➡️ The calendar ⬅️

What’s the speed of the gameworld?

The speed is 1x.

Where do I play?

Once your gameworld is open, you will be able to register:

➡️ HERE ⬅️

5 Questions with Brian, Product Owner of Travian: Legends

To celebrate Travian’s 15th Anniversary and the launch of Travian: Codex Victoria we sat together and chatted with some of the most influential figures who shaped the history of Travian.

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Travian: Codex Victoria ~ Behind the Annual Special ~ Teaser

In this teaser video, we bring you behind the scenes of this very anticipated event and we talk to several members of our Team about what’s special about Codex Victoria.

Curious to know more? The FULL video will be out soon, don’t miss it!

Travian: Codex Victoria ~ Behind the Scenes: Part 2 ~ Giving Life to the Hospital

What day is today? Sunday!

What does it mean? Another chapter of our behind-the-scene special about Travian: Codex Victoria!

When are we going to read it? Right NOW!

In case you missed the first part, click here and discover the secrets behind the name “Codex Victoria”.

But now let’s talk about the Hospital, one of the most exciting new features of the upcoming Annual Special.

And it is time to get creative! Grab your brushes and your palette because you might get inspired after reading this interview to Kaj, our 2D Artist who drew the five tribe-specific hospitals.

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Travian: Codex Victoria ~ Gameworld Starts

Save the date, dear players! The moment you’ve been all been waiting for has finally arrived….

September is getting closer and closer and we are excited to share with you the gameworld starts for our Annual Special, Codex Victoria!

Read about the exclusive game mechanics here.

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Travian: Codex Victoria ~ Behind the Scenes: Part 1 ~ The Name

What’s in a name?

Alright, let’s leave that deep complex concept to Shakespeare and focus on what you are all here for.

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