Community Calendar

Welcome to the Community Calendar page.

This dynamic calendar will be constantly updated with the upcoming gameworlds start, community event, blog post, youtube uploads and so on.

  • The Gold promotions will not be placed in the calendar, because they are decided last minute, so keep watching the Payment/Store Information section for the updates about it
  • The speed gameworlds are usually planned when the previous one is over. This means that there is a high chance that this calendar will be updated often mainly to add new speed gameworlds to the list
  • For the game world number you will have to wait for the announcement from your Community Manager which will appear here Server Information
  • The changelog with the updated information will be published in the discussion thread about the calendar, you find the link here on the right side.
  • Please note, the forum contests might not be available in all languages, if that is the case, feel free to participate in the International contest by selecting the English (COM) langauge in your forum profile.
  • You can connect the calendar with your own calendar by downloading this file:  Subscribe to ICS
  • On the upper right corner you can decide how the calendar should be displayed to you (Month view, Agenda view, Posterboard or Tile view).
  • On the upper left corner you can filter the events by category so only the selected categories will be showed to you.