Travian: Northern Legends – The New Saga

Under the veil of the northern aurora, ships with dragon prows glide silently towards the ancient shores. With each stroke of the oars, the boats surge forward with an almost unnatural ease, leaving seasoned sailors to exchange knowing glances and mutter about a whispered pact their helmsmen made with the ocean depths.

Familiar silhouettes slowly fade from memory, replaced by a new force, promising to reshape the world with tales of valor and conquest. Yet, whispers tell of diverse settlements uniting under a single banner, still blending their own customs and strengths.

The old stories are left behind, and the new northern legends are born. The legends about the shores where fields ripe with resources and vast granaries appeared as if conjured by the gods. About untamed lands, where pure victory is carved from raw courage and iron will. For the first time, the strength of arms and heart must unite, as true glory will emerge from the relentless struggle for the territories that are unmarked by the old relics…