Travian GARUDA is back – Local server for Indonesia community

GARUDA INDONESIA IS BACK! The time has come to reveal your strategic skill and tenacity in this local server battle… it is time to enter the GARUDA! The realm of Travian GARUDA awaits and will begin its epic adventure on August 7, 2024 at 20:00 +7!

Thank you to all players for participating in voting the features and settings. Below are the results of the players voting!

  • Start Time : 20:00 +7
  • Tribe: 5 tribes
  • Speed: 3x
  • 18 Cropper : Yes
  • Advanced Start : Yes

We will post more information once its available.

Important information about the server:

🔶 Gold vouchers can be used on this server.

🔶 Players who play until the server’s end will receive a permanent medal.

You can meet and chat with other players by joining our GARUDA Discord channel.
You can also discuss server dynamics, share your battle reports, or if you want to introduce your alliance (or are looking for one) you will find a space for that too!

Oh, do you think that’s all?
A special reveal will be done on Discord next week…
Brace youself, an announcement is coming!

See you on the battlefield!

The Travian: Legends team