Travian Loop: Village Management

Welcome back to the Travian Loop series! Recently, we asked you, the players, to provide feedback based on the topic of “long village lists”. We appreciate the valuable replies from all of you, our community, and have been diligently evaluating several proposed features aimed at improving said village management. 

Below is a detailed look at each suggestion, along with insights and future plans from our Game Design team.

To make responses more visually engaging and easier to distinguish, the following emojis will be used respectively:

Feedback Point: 💬

Team Response:

Custom Tags for Villages and Tree Hierarchy 

💬 Players want to categorize villages using custom tags, creating dropdown lists similar to farm lists. This organization method would help manage screen space effectively, especially for players with numerous villages. The dropdown should still show attack indicators, like swords, even when not fully opened.

Note: This is the most-wanted feature from each community.

The team appreciates this idea, seeing it as a cleaner alternative to adding more icons. We have multiple solutions in mind and plan to test them eventually. This feature is highly favored across communities and is under serious consideration.

Possibility to Hide Villages

💬 An option to hide feeder villages where no immediate action is required, with exceptions or alerts for attacks and full warehouses or granaries.

While the idea is complex due to the necessity of showing certain critical information, integrating it with custom tags could be effective, which is why the team is more in favor of the previous feedback above, regarding custom tags for villages and tree hierarchy. Player-made and system-generated tags could automatically highlight villages under attack or with full storage, providing a balanced solution.

Village Decoration

💬 Highlighting the background color under village names for visual grouping.

Due to accessibility and readability issues, this approach has limitations. Tags are considered a more practical solution for visual grouping, addressing the needs without compromising usability.

Resizable Village List

💬 Allowing players to resize the village list to their preference.

While a sidebar taking up the entire screen could be an idea, it might not be favored by the frontend team. This suggestion is technically feasible but requires further evaluation and alignment with the overall game design. However, it is not something that can currently be implemented due to technical limitations.

Pinned Village List

💬 A pinned village list to the sidebar, with a fixed number of rows and additional pages for overflow.

Similar to the resizable village list, this concept is technically feasible but needs more evaluation. It might seem out of place if it’s the only feature with such functionality, requiring careful consideration of its implementation.

Multi-Column Display

💬 Displaying villages in multiple columns instead of a single long list for better organization.

This idea has been previously denied and remains unfeasible due to its technical design and challenges.

Short Tags Before Village Names

💬 Short, customizable tags (3-4 letters) next to village names for better management.

This idea is supported if the first suggestion (custom tags and dropdowns) is not implemented. However, space constraints are a concern, and this will only be revisited if other solutions fail.

Unclaimed Rewards Highlight 

💬 Highlighting unclaimed rewards to prevent them from being overlooked.

A similar suggestion has been noted before. Addressing this issue requires a village overview rework, but it is not considered as critical as attack indicators. The team acknowledges the struggle and aims to find a balanced solution.

Keyboard Shortcuts

💬 Including information about keyboard shortcuts in the tooltip or help section for easier village navigation.

This is a good idea, and the team is trying to find ways to add this information on hover and in a knowledge base article to facilitate easier navigation for players who prefer using shortcuts.

Adjustments in the Village Overview Tables 

💬 Player Feedback / Suggestions:

  1. Adding sortable columns (e.g., by shortest training queue time).
  2. Filters for resources, celebrations, and attack status.
  3. An advanced evaluation system for village progress.
  4. Collective orders for celebrations, training, and hospital management.

✅ Team Response:

  • Sortable Columns: Adding sortability can be done during an overview rework.
  • Filters: Although filters are more challenging to implement, they could be added during such rework.
  • Advanced Evaluation System: It is very specific and may not align well with the game’s PvP nature.
  • Collective Orders: This idea also has potential as a premium feature, with similar suggestions noted for automatic celebrations and shortcuts.

Overall, our team had a great time responding to all your feedback, and values these suggestions and aims to implement the most beneficial ones through thoughtful consideration and testing. In the end, the goal is to improve gameplay while maintaining accessibility and usability. 

Thank you for your continued support, ideas, and insightful input; we hope you will return for our next feedback loop! Travian: Legends is constantly growing, and the team is working hard to produce the best version of the game possible, so stay tuned for what the future has in store!