NL special: Schild 2024 is just around the corner! – server details

Are you ready to set out on a new adventure? Old friends are reuniting, and the anticipation of the impending war grows stronger in their hearts with each passing day. Ahead lie challenging marches, foes to conquer, honors to earn, and wounds to avenge.

Schildย 2024 server starts on the 9th July 9:00 UTC+2! Try yourself out by competing and cooperating with fellow Dutch speaking players.


Direct link TBD
Name Schild 2024
Start date 09.07.2024
Start time 09:00 UTC+2
Language NL/EN
Speed 3
Tribes 5 tribes
Beginners protection 3 days
BP extension 3 days
GTL – Inbound From all gameworlds
GTL – Outbound To all 4.6 servers (exception: TT)
Artefacts setup 8th August*
Construction plan setup 7th September*
Attack WW Villages 21st August

*Please note that the spawn dates for artefacts, plans and wonders are a rough estimate based on server duration and the actual date may vary by +โ€“ 1-2 days.

โžก๏ธย  Every player who plays until the end of the server will be rewarded with a permanent medal.

Keep your eyes on Discord! We prepare special events for you between 25th June and 2nd July!

If you don’t have a team yet, are willing to share your feedback or battle reports, or just chit chat with other players, feel free to join the #nl-special channel on our Discord. If you aren’t a member of our Discord server yet, you can join here (click)!

Good luck and see you on the battlefield!

Your Travian: Legends team