Game Secrets ~ Travian Glossary

Welcome to the Game Secrets series. One of the recent requests from the community was to recreate a Travian Glossary that was published in our previous supporting tool (Travian Answers). Here is updated and reworked Glossary that new players can check up when the discussion goes too far away. We will appreciate any help with updating this glossary. Feel free to share what else should be included into it, what new terms or abbreviations have appeared.

Symbols and Numbers

0 pop: (0 population) Leaving a player or a village with no inhabitants.
18c/15c/9c/7c/6c: Land with 18, 15, 9, 7 and 6 cropper fields
24/7: 24 hours 7 days a week
+/+: North-East coordinates on the map.
+/-: South-East coordinates on the map.
-/+: Northwest coordinates on the map.
-/-: South-West coordinates on the map.


Aca: Academy
Afair: As far as I remember
Afaik: As Far as I know
Afk: Away From Keyboard. In Travian it means inactive.
Aggro: An alliance that attempts to kill all enemies, rather then build up a world wonder/fight for victory
Aka: Also known as
Ally: Alliance
Analyser: one of the many Travian related sites that provides reports and details on changes in populations, growth, alliances i.e. inactivesearch, Travco, gettertools.
Anvil: A large defensive army, opposite of hammer
Artefact: A special item stored (for annual special scenario – activated) in the treasury that grants bonuses to its holder.
Asap: As soon as possible
Axes: Axeman


Bashing: Keeping a player small by attacking frequently
Battle Groups: A collection of players with in an alliance or meta that operate as a group for the purpose of coordinating attacks and/or defence.
Bonus: The bonus production of resources from oases.
Boonies: Map tiles that located far from 0,0 – beyond the spawning locations. Normally done to avoid close-range battles and focus on building and army growth.
BP: Beginners protection. Other option Building Plan (Construction Plan)
Brb: Abbreviation for “be right back”
Btw: By the way
Bug: Error in the game.


C: Abbreviation for “see”
Caesaris: Equites Caesaris
Capital: A special village that each player has only one of. Resource fields in this village can exceed level 10 and special building restrictions apply. A capital can never be conquered, but can be moved.
Cata: The act of catapulting (destroying buildings)
Catapults (catas/cats): Destroy buildings. Counts as infantry units.
CC: Command Centre or Corinthian Crushers (Spartan heavy cavalry)
Cheating: Violating the game rules.
Chief: Unit that captures other villages by reducing loyalty. The name often used when talking to any tribe regardless of the “own” chiefs names (i.e. Senator, Ephor, Nomarch etc).
 The act of using chiefs
Clear: Destroying the defending army before catapulting/conquering
Cleaner: Destroys the army, before a conquering
Clubbies, Clubs: The first unit available to Teutons, the clubswinger
Cluster: A number of villages close together, owned by the same player or alliance. Usually grouped together for protection.
CM: Community Manager
Confed: Confederacy (A union that consists of up to three alliances).
Construction Plans (Building Plans): An artefact that is required to build a World Wonder. A builder needs a set to build to 49, then needs another alliance member with a set to build past that.
Coords: Coordinates
Counter: A tactic in which a offensive army follows another one to its village.
CP: Culture Points, Construction Plans (based on context)
Croplocked: Village with a negative consumption due to the destruction of all 0r most the cropfields, grain mill and bakery. Can also be increased with the destruction of the marketplace.
Crop: also known as wheat and grain, this is the resource that feeds your populace.
Cropper: a 9c or 15c (for special servers 18c is also possible).
Cya: Abbreviation for “see you” or “goodbye”
Cyt: Abbreviation for “see you tomorrow”


Def: Defensive Troops
Deletion: A process in which an avatar is wiped from the travian map. Takes 72 hours.
Dmg: Damage from a unit
Double Target: When catapults may hit two targets. Requires a rally point level 20.
Druids: Druidrider
Dual: An avatar with multiple people running it
Dual Construction: An ability unique to the Romans that allows a resource field and a building in the village to be constructed simultaneously


EC: Equites Caesaris
EI: Equites Imperatoris
Elite: a single alliance with no wings and no confederacies, opposite of meta.
End Game: The period of the game after Natar plan villages spawn.
End Game Hammer: A large hammer designed to secure plan villages or world wonder building sites
End Game Meta: A collection of alliances formed to support common world wonders
Epic: Something very awesome
Exp: Hero Experience
Expansion slot: The spots in a palace/residence/command centre where settlers/chiefs can be built.


Fake: Fake attack carried out by 20 units, to confuse the target of the true attack force.
Farm: Player who is constantly raided for resources.
Farmer: A player who farms other players
Farming: The act of constantly attacking players  (oases) for resources
Ftw: Abbreviation for “for the win”


GB: Great Barracks
GG: Great Granary
Gl: Good luck
Ghost Hammer: A large amount of cavalry units used to quickly take down small pockets of defense or catch offence.
Ghosting: Destroying an enemy offensive army at home.
GN: Good Night
Golding: Using gold for any purpose
GS: Great Stable
Gtg: Abbreviation for “got to go”
Guide(s) A manual for a specific aspect of Travian. Found here.
GW: great warehouse
Gz/Grz: Congratulations


Haeds: Haeduan
Hammer: Large offensive army used to clear and destroy villages
Hammer village: The village where a hammer is produced
HDT: Horse Drinking Trough
Hero: Representation of your avatar in a certain gameworld, that has various attributes such as resource production, own strength, attack and defence bonus.
Hero’s food: Easily killed units that give the hero experience
HM: Hero’s Mansion


IGM: In Game Message
IGN: In Game Name
IIRC: If I remember correctly
Imo: In my opinion
Imp: Imperian
Insert: See Sniping. Also the term is used to the offensive villages that are built close to the opponent to have a close-range battles.


JK: Just Kidding


Kick: To remove someone from a channel or alliance


L8r: Abbreviation for “later”
Lag: Delay in page loading
Leg: Legionnaire
Loot: Stolen resources
Lvl: Level


Macemen: See Clubbies
MB: Main Building
Meta: A group of alliances with a central alliance and several large wings, connected via confederacy or non-agreement pacts (see W: wings) all working together
MH: Multihunter (currently – Rule Enforcement team)
Mill: Grain Mill
Mirror Kill: See Second Kill
MM: Mass Message. A message sent out to every player in an alliance.
MP: Marketplace
Multi: A player with multiple accounts. This is illegal.


NAP: Non-Aggression Pact, an agreement to refrain from attacking each other.
Newbie: A person who is new in Game or Forum.
Noob: A contemptuous (unfavourable) reference to a newbie. Many uses depending on context.
Np: No problem
NPC: Non Player Character
NPCing: Using NPC merchant to level out your resources


Oasis: Spot on the map with some sort of resource on it. Oasis are conquered by heroes and give production bonuses. Must have a hero mansion to conquer the oasis. The Oases 75%, 100%, etc.. are the total of a combination of oasis and almost exclusively refers to crop. 25/25 meaning crop and some other resource oasis bonus.
Off: Offensive Troops


PA: Plus Acount
Pala: Palace or Paladin (Teutonic Troop)
Pally: Abbreviation for “Paladin” (Teutonic troop)
Parking Village: Village that produces as much crop as possible to feed troops stationed there.
Phala: Phalanx
Plus: Plus Account
Pls/plz: Please
Pm: Abbreviation for “private message”
Pop: Population
Pushing: sending resources to other player for some specific purpose
Pusher: Player that practices pushing.


Quad: Quadrant, a players general location in game- NE, SE, SW, NW
Quad-line: The invisible line that separates the quadrants
Quests: Can refer to Daily Quests and Tasks.


R: Abbreviation for “are”
Raid: An attack to gather resources from farms
Raider: A player who raids
Ram: A unit used to destroy walls, counts as infantry
Rammer: A ram hammer
Recruiter: Alliance member who helps find new members for an alliance
Reinforcements (Reins): Troops stationed in another village, usually for defensive purposes.
Res: Resource
Resi: Residence
Rice: See Crop
Rl: Real Life
Rofl: Rolling on the floor laughing- a way to say something is funny
ROI: Return on Investment. More information here.
RP: Rally Point


Script: A program that overlaps with the original to give some modifications. Scripts are illegal.
Scouts: Special unit type that is used for scouting operations. The term is often used regardless of tribe.
Scout hammer/anvil: A large number of scouts used for scout operations or protecting against them.
Second Kill: Timing your troops to land a second behind someone else’s in an attempt to kill them.
Secondary Clear: A second clearing wave to eliminate any remaining defence.
Server (gameworld): The location where a round of travian is taking place.
Sim City: Style of play where population is more important then troops. Generally considered a bad thing.
Simmer: A player who practices Sim City.
Sitter: The designated player who is sitting for someone.
Sitting: Controlling an account through the sitter function.
Spam: A post that has nothing to do with the topic.
Spammer: A user who spams
Speed Server: A server that goes at a faster speed (x2, x3, x5, x10) than the speed of normal (x1) servers.
Spike: Placing defensive units in a village being farmed to hurt players that raid that village.
Spy (troop): See Scouts
Spy (player): Someone in an alliance to gather information for other alliances
Split: See Sniping
Sniping: Inserting a defensive army between attacks to destroy catapults/senators. More information see here: How to snipe waves
Starvation: When there is no more crop left and soldiers begin to die.
Supporters: Staff who answer questions sent to support.
Swords: Swordsman


TC: Treasure Chamber
TK: Teutonic Knight
TO: Trade Office
TS: Tournament Square
TT: Theutates Thunder


U: Abbreviation for “you”
Ur: Abbreviation for “you’re” or “your”



Wall: Earth Wall / City Wall / Palisade etc. A defensive construction around the village that increases defence of the stationed troops there.
Waves: Tactic that involves sending attacks followed with catapults. Waves should arrive at the same second in order to destroy or crop-lock a village.
Wb: Wave Builder (an in-game feature that allows to send multiple waves in one second).
Wings: An alliance founded to work together with another alliance with the original alliance as leader
World Wonder Hammer: Very large offensive army used to knock down wonder villages. They usually have a crop usage in excess 250k / hour and more than 8k catapults or rams.
WW: World Wonder
WWK: World Wonder Killer- Very large offensive army used to knock down World Wonder villages.




Zerg Meta: A meta that focuses on gaining as many members as possible way outside the confederacy limitations.
Zero: (0 population) Leaving a player or village with no inhabitants.