Game Rules update – Monday June 10th

Dear community, 

Based on Travian Elite feedback and voting, we are updating our Game Rules to fight the so-called tech accounts even stronger than before. In addition to that, we had to adjust the terminology and certain game rules due to the upcoming Central Account Management System. 

The new game rules take effect on June 10, 2024, on all existing gameworlds, including Travian Tournament Qualifications and upcoming Travian Tournament Finals. 

Here is the overview of all the changes in the game rules: 

Fighting tech account behavior: 

➡️ Added examples of actions that are violating the 1.1.b rule: private farming and building villages to be conquered by players outside of the confederacy. We have already been taking actions against private farms, but from now on, based on the Travian Elite’s suggestions, we will also start taking actions against building villages to be conquered. 

Changes due to the upcoming Central Account Management System: 

➡️ Separated 1.3 rule into “a” and “b” sections: section a regarding password sharing, and section b regarding changing the avatar.  

➡️ Changed that password sharing of the Lobby account is not permitted even in case of dual accounts. Instead, each dual must have their own Lobby account, and they need to be added in the Lobby for specific gameworlds. To access the avatar, duals have to login to their own Lobby account with their own password.  

➡️ Removed the requirement to contact Customer Service in case of changing the avatar because it is not possible to create a new avatar or join as a dual on another avatar until the deletion of the old one is finished. However, there are some temporary exceptions for this covered in the Game Rules FAQ until the “abandon avatar” feature is implemented.  

➡️ Changed “account” into “avatar” when we refer to the in-game avatar. 

➡️ Changed “account” into “lobby account” when we refer to the Central Account Management System account, to make a clear separation. 

➡️ Removed the requirement to not have the same password with the accounts connected via the sitter function or that are played from the same computer because it is no longer relevant. However, you must ensure your password is not known to any other player and is safe. 

Other changes: 

➡️ Added that an attempt to gain an advantage from the rule violation will be treated as a violation and punished accordingly in proportion to the violation and to the discretion of Travian: Legends’ team. This is not going to affect the current rule enforcement actions but is rather to give clarity on why we are already taking actions against such behavior. 

➡️ Added that inactive avatars shall be deleted automatically in rule 1.4 to make it clear that the system is automatic. 

➡️ Updated rule 4 to cover both program errors and bugs to make it more clear. 

➡️ Removed the 7.3 rule stating that the multiaccounts on speed servers and multiaccounts with a population lower than 100 may be deleted without a ban/warning as it is no longer relevant. We are treating all multiaccounts the same way regardless of the population or the gameworld speed. 

➡️ Added a link to the Game Rules FAQ with more detailed explanations of certain game rules. 

Please keep in mind that we will take action on building villages to be chiefed by players outside of the confederacy only based on villages chiefed already after the game rule change. If you would like to report a player for building or chiefing villages in a manner that violates the game rules, use the in-game reporting functionality, choose “Other” and in the comment field, add “Player A is building villages for player B”. Keep in mind that this rule only applies if players are not in the same confederacy. 

We hope that this change to the Game Rules helps all players have a better experience as we continue to listen to your feedback. 

Your Travian: Legends team