Community Week ~ Warmongers

As the days grow longer and the vibrant colors of summer take hold, a new chapter unfolds in our mysterious Book of Wisdom. Following the overwhelming success of our Community Week “The Barbarians” game worlds, where we introduced changes to Teutons and Gauls in addition to previously rebalanced Romans, we are excited to unveil our next thrilling adventure in the world Warmongers 

In this world, we are keeping the changed parameters for Romans, Teutons, and Gauls, mirroring the successful adjustments from “The Barbarians”, which were based on community feedback. On top of this, we took the best of the best from our other special scenarios!

Warmongers transports us into the era of transformation and conflict across the European continent. As ancient empires crumble and new powers rise, the stage is set for epic battles. 

Join us in this new world featuring: 

Don’t forget to vote on additional features, making this game world truly yours: 

📜Start time: 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m. or 5 p.m. UTC+1

📜Merging and forwarding feature: yes or no? Please note, these features always come together. You can’t pick just one of them. 

📜Advanced alliance member attack notifications: Would you like to keep your allies informed about attacks or prefer to have them hidden? 

📜 Advanced start: A more considered start or jump straight into the action with 3 villages from the outset? 

📜 Keep tribe on conquest and second village tribe selection: Do you prefer to play with a single tribe or use the whole range of them? 

📜No confederacy setup: Play for your own alliance only or belong to a bigger group of up to 3 alliances? 

Prepare for a game world where the strategy reaches new heights and don’t forget to vote for the features above in our dedicated Discord channel. 

🗩 Join our Discord community, give your voice for the options you prefer, and prepare for the ultimate battle here.