Central Account Management System ~ Travian: Legends Gets a Lobby!

We are excited to introduce a significant enhancement to your Travian: Legends experience – the new lobby account system. This is a huge step forward that is designed to make it easier and more efficient to manage your avatars across different game worlds.  

The lobby account system will be implemented in all our game worlds at the end of June 2024. 
What will the lobby system bring to the game? 
The lobby account is your central hub for everything you do in Travian: Legends. You can log in from the main page at travian.com The lobby serves as a single platform where you can manage your game worlds, sign up for new ones, handle duals, and start new adventures without the need to register again each time. 

Key features: 

  • One lobby account to rule them all: Each player will have one lobby account that holds all their avatars from different game worlds.  
  • Avatar management: Your lobby account allows you to manage all your avatars, making it easy to switch between different game worlds. 
  • Dual management and better security: Invite duals to play on your avatars directly from the lobby. Each dual will have their own lobby account, enhancing security and ease of access. Duals no longer need to know your password. Sharing your lobby account password is strictly prohibited and is a violation of the game rules. Each player must use their own lobby account to access shared avatars. 
  • Village relocation feature: (Coming soon) If you are unhappy with your spawn spot for whatever reason, you will have the possibility to relocate your village without registering a new avatar. 
Difference between accounts and avatars: 
Lobby account:

This is your main account on travian.com. It acts as the control center for all your avatars across various game worlds. Your lobby account is where you manage duals, start new game worlds, and access all your avatars. To give it a unique yet recognizable identity, each lobby account will feature a combination of a name and a tag. 


This is your usual profile within a specific game world.  Previously referred to as an “account”, an avatar is now your in-game presence in each game world you play. You can use any name for your avatar, just like before. 


Transitional period 

With the introduction of the lobby account, we understand that we need a transitional period for you to adapt to the new features and functionalities. To ensure a smooth migration, here’s what you need to know: 

“Old” (existing) avatars:  
  • If you created your avatar before the lobby was introduced, you’ll need to create a lobby account to access the full benefits.  
  • All avatars with the same email address as your lobby account will be automatically added to your new lobby account. It will also be possible to add “duals” there the new way (through lobby invitations). 
  •  To make the transition to the new lobby system smooth, for those avatars there will still be an option to change the avatar email directly in the game and disconnect it from the lobby account. 
  • You can still log in to the “old” avatar using a separate avatar password directly on the game world login page. 
New avatars:  

Moving forward, new avatars after the lobby system goes live can only be created within the lobby. For now, it’s not possible to change the ownership of an avatar. The avatar belongs to the lobby account which registered this avatar on the game world. 

Gold transfer and medals 

Currently, Gold transfers and medals are still attached to the email address and work like before. In the future, we plan to integrate Gold transfer and medal management into the lobby account. 

All in all, this is just the beginning. We will keep working on the lobby features to make the lobby a unique place that changes the whole gaming experience, filled with new exciting features. 

Where to find additional info 

For more detailed information and answers to frequently asked questions about the lobby, dual management, and the upcoming respawn feature, please visit our knowledgebase articles: