New Units Icons – Revamped art

We would like to share some important news regarding our troop icons.

You may recall that the decision to update these icons was driven by the need to ensure compatibility with our upcoming app development. However, we understand that the initial introduction of the new icons didn’t meet everyone’s expectations, and we heard your feedback loud and clear.

With your valuable input in mind, we’ve taken the time to carefully rework the troop icons to strike a better balance between compatibility with the app and maintaining the familiar look that you know and love. The new units will be added to all gameworlds with one of the upcoming updates.

Old vs New units icons

We’re confident that these updated icons will not only address the concerns raised by the community but also enhance the overall visual experience of Travian: Legends.

Thank you for your continued support and passion for the game. Together, we’ll continue to make our virtual worlds even more vibrant and engaging.