Harbors Shores of War vs Harbors New Year’s Special

We are asking for your feedback! The 2 game versions – Shores of War and New Year’s special recently came out with the harbor feature. And while it’s same in its core, it also has quite big differences. We are curious about your experiences with the harbor in the “Shores of War” and “New Year’s Special” versions.

Both versions offer unique features and challenges, but which harbor experience do you prefer?

⚓Shores of War⚓
✨New Year’s Special✨
Where to build
Works only on the European map where there are specific spots called “deep waters”.

You will be able to build Harbors in the villages that are located on the shores next to “deep waters.”

Destination restrictions
Possible to travel from the harbor village to any village.

This includes attacks, reinforcements, and trade ships delivery.

Possible to travel only between 2 harbors.

This includes attacks, reinforcements, and trade ships delivery.

Warships speed
30 fields per hour through deep waters and troops usual speed when troops travel through the lands. The game uses Pathfinding algorithm to calculate travel times through deep waters. Static speed 12 fields per hour for x1 gameworlds, takes the shortest path between the harbors. No pathfinding algorithm applied.
Trade ships speed
Trade ships travel at a speed of 20 fields per hour on 1x speed gameworlds for all tribes in deep waters. When traveling by land, they take the regular speed of the tribe that owns the harbor village. Trade ships travel at a speed of 12 fields per hour on 1x speed gameworlds for all tribes (multiplied by gameworld speed for other speed gameworlds) when travelling between harbors.
Leaving a harbor
Leaving the harbor counts as half a field travel distance by land in all cases (both for the trade ships and warships). Leaving the harbor takes 20 min for x1 speed both for the trade ships and warships.
(Hero items, Tournament Square, speed artefacts)
Works only on the land movement. While on land, all movement bonuses (hero items, tribe bonuses, and artifacts) still apply.

Exception: Hero item map also affects the return time on ships through deep waters.

All movement bonuses (Hero items, Tournament square and artifacts) will apply also to ship movements.

Please, share your feedback in our #sow│int-1x and #nys│international channels in official Discord so that we could make the game better for you!