Game Secrets ~ From Sacred Trees to Toilet Cabins

Welcome, adventurers and conquerors, to the Game Secrets series! Today we will step aside from the learning lessons and take a whimsical journey through the quirky and charming details hidden within the villages of Travian: Legends!

Beyond the battles, artefacts, world wonders and alliances lies a world filled with delightful surprises and unexpected quirks.

Sacred Trees of the Tribes

In the heart of every village lies a sacred tree, deeply rooted in the traditions and culture of its inhabitants. From the majestic Stone Pine of the Egyptians to the stoic Cypress Tree of the Romans, each tribe nurtures its own arboreal symbol, adding a touch of natural beauty and spiritual significance to their lands.

The Sharpshooters of the Tournament Square

Step right up and witness the spectacle of the Tournament Square, where tribes showcase their skills and prowess in a variety of contests. While the Spartans hurl spears and the Teutons vent their frustrations with well-aimed axes, it’s the Huns who truly shine as the undisputed masters of marksmanship. With deadly accuracy and uncanny precision, they hit the mark every time, leaving other tribes in awe of their sharpshooting skills.

Teahouse vs. Brewery

 After a vigorous exercise, where else to find respite than the tranquil Teahouse? In certain gameworlds, the mighty Teutons swap their tankards of mead for a cup of freshly brewed tea. The effects remain the same – soldiers gain bravery and strength, but now with a touch of sophistication, as the Teutons sip their tea before heading into battle.

The True Barbarians

While other tribes adorn their buildings with elaborate flags and banners, the Teutons take a more practical approach. Who needs flags when a trusty old rug serves just as well? It may not be fancy, but it gets the job done!

Water Buckets and Traditional Medicine

Even the best doctors know the importance of a trusty water bucket. Whether it’s for reviving fallen heroes or tending to wounded soldiers, these humble buckets play a vital role in keeping the troops fighting fit. However, the Spartans prefer to stick to tradition, relying on the healing powers of Asclepius equipped by the snake and the rod rather than modern conveniences.

The Solitary Sanctuary of the Workshop Toilet

In a world of fast-paced battles and relentless conquests, sometimes a warrior just needs a moment of solitude. And what better place to find it than behind the Workshop, where a tiny wooden toilet cabin with a heart-shaped window offers a moment of respite from the chaos of battle.

So, next time you send your troops into battle or construct a new building, take a moment to appreciate the charm and quirkiness that infuse every corner of our captivating universe.

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