Community Week ~ Barbarians are coming!

Save the date: “The Barbarians” are coming!

The mighty Gauls and the fierce Teutons, their unit parameters sharpened to perfection, now march forth to challenge the dominion of the Roman Empire. It’s a clash of civilizations, a battle for supremacy like never before seen!

Which tribe will prevail in this ultimate battle?

But before the swords clash and the catapults roar on our 5x and 2x speed gameworlds launching in March, we’re calling upon YOU to shape the destiny of these tribes. Starting Monday, February 12th 13:00 UTC-0 we’ll hold the voting in the Community Week Section of our official Discord.

Here’s what’s on the ballot:

📜Start time: 08, 10, 12, 14 or 16 UTC+0


  • 3 tribes: Gauls/Romans/Teutons,
  • 4 tribes: Gauls/Romans/Teutons/Spartans,
  • 5 tribes: Gauls/Romans/Teutons/Huns/Egyptians,
  • 6 tribes: Gauls/Romans/Teutons/Huns/Egyptians/Spartans

📜Merging and Forwarding feature: Simply yes or no? Please, note, those features always go together. You can’t pick just one of it.

📜Advanced alliance member attack notifications: Would you like to keep your allies informed about attacks or better have them hidden?

📜18-croppers: To be or not to be?

📜 Advanced start: More thoughtful start or jumping straight into the action with 3 villages from the start?

📜 Keep tribe on conquer: Do you prefer to play with a single tribe or use the whole variety of them?

📜No confederacy setup: Play for your own alliance only or belong to a bigger group of up to 4 alliances?

Don’t forget to check our Community Discord on Monday and give your voice for the preferred options! Let’s shape the future of our Community Week gameworlds gameworlds together!

More information about the changed unit parameters can be found here.

Join Discord community, give you voice for the preferred option and prepare for the ultimate battle here.