CHANGELOG – 2404.1

The green of Links…

🆕 Changes:

TL-13050 We updated the color of the links in game, due to the feedback of the previous change. The new color is lighter green, though not as light as the original one.

TL-11902 We adjusted the colors of toggle buttons when the Color Blind Support is activated, to make them more visually distinct. Did you know you can activate Color Blind Support in the game preferences, in the “Account” tab?

🆕 Bugfixes:

TL-12026 When searching for a target village in the marketplace, the results did not prioritize your own villages, so sometimes they were hidden down the list. Your own villages fitting the search criteria will always be displayed at the top of the list.

Shores of War:

TL-12648 The merchants capacity bonus shown in the Trade Office included other bonuses, not just the Trade Office effect. This was not intended, as it can be misleading. The value will now only include the building bonus itself.

⏲️ Rollout plan (Downtime ~5 min)

26.02 ~ 10:03 UTC – Arabics 2, Arabics 6, Arabics New Year Special x1

28.02 ~ 10:03 UTC – Arabics
28.02 ~ 12:03 UTC –
Europe, Alpler, LUSOBR, Eterni, HUX, Români, France

29.02 ~ 10:03 UTC – Asia
29.02 ~ 12:03 UTC –

01.03 ~ 10:03 UTC – International