Changelog 2390

New farm list targets popup and a few bugfixes

What’s new:

TL-12990            If an account is set on deletion by our Team, the automatic prolong of Premium features (such as Resources Bonuses or Plus Account) will be disabled

TL-12960           A new popup is now added to the “add farm list entry” window, to indicate if the selected target is already in the farmlist (duplicate target)


TL-13058            Sometimes Gold Transfer Links were not working properly, if the receiver’s username contained special UTF-8 characters (such as Arabic ones)

TL-13009            Fixed an issue where once redeeming a voucher failed, sometimes the error messages would not display correctly

TL-12942            In rare circumstances, locked Alliance forums did not work properly and they could be accessed by any alliance. Our new locksmith though will make sure this won’t happen again.

TL-13045            Fixed a bug that in some circumstances killing confederacy/alliance weak units still granted off-points.

TL-13042            Capturing an artefact in a region and then accessing that region’s info page, would cause a fatal error in the browser.  Artefact’s power will never be left unchecked again.

Rollout plan (downtime ~5 min):

12.02 ~ 10:03 GMT-0 – America7, 20, 5
14.02 ~ 10:03 GMT-0 – America
14.02 ~ 12:03 GMT-0 – Europe, TR, PT, DE, IT, HU, RO
15.02 ~ 10:03 GMT-0 – Asia
15.02 ~ 12:03 GMT-0 – Arabics
16.02 ~ 10:03 GMT-0 – International
19.02 ~ 10:03 GMT-0 – Finals