Are you ready to embark on a new adventure? Old friends are gathering and they have already started to feel the excitement of the war that is approaching day by day in their hearts. There are more difficult marches ahead, enemies to subdue, honors to be won, and wounds to be avenged. ALPLER gameworld starts on 19th March at 17:00 UTC+0!

Are you ready to embark on a new adventure? The most experienced commanders are already smelling the imminent war and have started gathering their armies of the toughest warriors. Only a few will prevail among them. Can you survive everlasting battles, are you going to be the one who bears armies to eternal glory? Find out in ALPLER 3X starting on 19th March at 17:00 UTC+0!

General Information
Start date 19.03.2024
Start time 17:00 UTC+0
Version T4.6 Legends (5 Tribes)
Map 401×401
Language Turkish and English
GTL inbound from everywhere
GTL outbound only to Alpler gameworlds
Speed 3x
Beginners protection 3 days
Beginners protection can be prolonged 3 days
Artefacts spawn TBA*
Construction plans spawn TBA*
Gameworld ends with Natars winning TBA*

*Please note that the spawn dates for the Artefacts and Construction plans are a rough calculation based on the length of the server and the actual date may vary between + – 1-2 days from the given one.

Other important information about the gameworld:

🔶 On this gameworld, shopping in Turkish Lira will be available and the prices before the recent change will be valid.  

🔶 Gold vouchers can be used. 

🔶Have an account at the end of the game round and win a permanent medal.

The original size :

This how it will look on your profile:

🔶Feel the atmosphere of the upcoming war with the Alpler playlist! 🎵⚔️

You can meet and chat with other players by joining our Discord channel. You can also discuss server policies or share your battle reports in the channel opened for the Alpler gameworld.

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For all your questions about version 4.6:

Travian: Legends 4.6 ~ All you Need to Know

May your sword be sharp, your way clear, the war is about to begin!

Your Travian: Legends Team