CHANGELOG – 2364.2

Faster harbor, fixed medals and more…

🆕 Bugfixes:

TL-13011 Some medal images were not displayed properly.

TL-12903 When editing a farm list target from a battle report, the changes were not shown until page was reloaded. This won’t be necessary anymore.

TL-13007 Harbor master had great troubles counting ships and it was sometimes taking way too long. A bit of training and a few artificial fingers sped things up a lot and now opening the harbor page should be faster.

TL-12996 A profile of players invited to an alliance would show this information to all players of the alliance, not just to the leaders with appropriate permissions.

TL-12428 Hero Auction: Silver exchange: Converting gold to silver requires a double click after every page reload.

TL-12888 The setting for the favorite subtab in the player and alliance statistics were not saved properly. Changing it for player also changed it for alliances and vice versa.

TL-12864 A link to the map using “position_details” did not work properly if the x coordinate was 0.

TL-12626 When copy pasting coordinates into the input field when sending resources or in the farmlists, they would disappear if you clicked anywhere else. This should not happen anymore.

TL-12832 Hero’s Mansion had an incorrect info link.

TL-12929 Trying to send raids through a farmlist if there were not enough troops in the village caused a wrong error message in a tooltip. It said that no troops were selected.

TL-12905 When editing a target of a farmlist and set all troops to 0, the save button was not disabled, even if it didn’t do anything, as you cannot have a target with no troops set.

TL-12673 Changing hero gender while having selected a premium appearance option was causing an error. This won’t happen anymore.

TL-13008 Workers were piling up resources in the center of the village even when warehouse or granary was available. While this led to an increased overall capacity of villages by 800 units, it was against work safety regulations. This extra capacity was removed.

⏲️ Rollout plan (Downtime ~5 min)

29.01 ~ 10:03 UTC – America 2, America 16, America 30

31.01 ~ 10:03 UTC – America
31.01 ~ 12:03 UTC –

01.02 ~ 10:03 UTC – Arabics
01.02 ~ 12:03 UTC –
Europe, Alpler, LUSOBR, Wimpel, Eterni

02.02 ~ 10:03 UTC – International

05.02 ~ 10:03 UTC – Finals