Changelog 2356 – No more winter reminders and a bunch of small improvements


TL-12820            Natars got a new image, shown in reports and the combat simulator.

TL-10929            Units that were travelling as reinforcements to an oasis and turned around, because the oasis was conquered by another player, will generate a report about this event.

TL-12606            General statistics got a new, fancy image in the header background.

TL-12912            We changed the color of links in game, to improve the readability.

TL-12401            Hospital and Asclepeion will show information about the effect of the level of the building on the healing


TL-12398            When rams take part in the attack, but haven’t managed to damage the walls, the report will include information about that.


TL-12940            We heard that not every player likes to read the same popup informing them every single day that yes, winter is still here. Ok, we didn’t really intend for this to happen, and it won’t anymore. Here’s one of the last opportunities to see it again:

TL-12692            It was possible to simulate combat with more than 100 points in hero strength, even though it looked like the number was automatically adjusted to the 100 (as that’s the limit).

TL-12566            There was no notification about task reward available if the only completed tasks were from the general tab (which has account-wide tasks, not from a specific village).

TL-12918            When the first level a building that allows training/producing/healing units was being constructed, it had invalid information about “current building’s training time”.

TL-12632            Warehouse/Granary show wrong “Current Capacity” in the building presentation, if there is a 2nd+ warehouse/granary level 0 currently upgrading to level 1.

TL-12793            It was not possible to share alliance reports through in-game messages anymore. Instead of a proper link, the message would display error “report not found” instead. This has been fixed.

TL-12917            The confirmation dialog shown when you try to use artwork during its cooldown period was missing the exact date and time of when it may be used again.


17.01 ~ 10:03 UTC – Asia 1, 4, 20

19.01 ~ 10:03 UTC – Asia
19.01 ~ 12:03 UTC – America

22.01 ~ 10:03 UTC – Arabics
22.01 ~ 12:03 UTC – Europe, TR Alpler, PT LusoBR, DE Wimpel, IT Eterni

23.01 ~ 10:03 UTC – International

24.01 ~ 10:03 UTC – Finals