🆕 Quality of Life Changes:

TL-10376 Troop movement icons shown in the resource fields view are now linking to the Rally Point with preselected filters for the specific movement type. For example clicking on the red swords icon showing incoming attacks opens Rally Point with filters set to show incoming raids and attacks.

🆕 Other changes:

TL-12770 We implemented slightly larger and sharper icons indicating the tribes in the statistics, Rally Point and profile pages.

TL-11187 We made a few improvements to the Wonders of the World page in statistics. Village name is now a link to the village details on the map and the player name links to the player profile. Alliance banners are displayed next to alliance names.

TL-12046 We have redesigned the help window in game.

TL-12827 Swords icons in the farmlist were redesigned to make them easier to distinguish.

🆕 Bugfixes:

TL-12795 We fixed an incorrect warehouse overview link that’s among the recommended links in the plus feature Link List.

TL-12857 Farmlist footer was not always displayed when the page with expanded farmlists was opened. This has been fixed.

TL-12858 Loot bag in the farmlist was sometimes displayed incorrectly as half-ful, even though the troops raided maximum amount they could carry. The icon should always be correct now.

TL-12702 Adventures reports didn’t display the hero items icons. The correct, new icons are now shown in both the reports list and inside the reports themselves.

TL-12848 A hero who died when he had ointments equipped would sometimes be stuck in death, with no revival possible. We convinced them that life is worth living again.

TL-12822 When you refreshed page with the map open, it was opening the position details pop-up of the currently centered position on the map. This was not intended and won’t be happening anymore.

⏲️ Rollout plan (Downtime ~5 min)

14.12 ~ 10:03 UTC – America 4, America 8, America Shores of War x1

18.12 ~ 10:03 UTC – America

20.12 ~ 12:03 UTC – Europe, Wimpel, Garuda, Eterni, LUSOBR, Alpler

22.12 ~ 10:03 UTC – Asia
22.12 ~ 12:03 UTC – Arabics

27.12 ~ 10:03 UTC – International

28.12 ~ 10:03 UTC – Finals