In-Game events

Today we introduce a new type of event, that we will be running in our community on most active and populated gameworlds.

In-Game events where you get chance to win gold for your in-game achievements!

Be active, fight, farm resources and develop your villages in a proper way,  follow us on Discord channel of your gameworld and participate in events to get some free gold for further development.

⚔️ How do I get that a certain gameworld will get an event?

Gameworlds with included “in-game events” feature will be marked by a crossed sword ⚔️ symbol in the Community Blog calendar. Additionally there will be a thread created and pinned for the event in the Discord channel of this gameworld.

 ⏲️Duration of the events

All event “stages” last for ~7 days for x1 gamewolrds and ~5 days for other speed gameworlds. There might be slight changes in duration and start of the events due to holidays, week ends and CM availability, so, check up our discord gameworld channel for more details.

🏅 The in-game events are held in 3 stages

Early game events start on second day of the gameworlds. We will keep first day free of any extra activity to give you time to proper set your spawn villages!

Mid-game events will start 1 day before the artefact release.

Endgame events will start with Construction plan release. This stage is a bit special, since here you might get rewarded not only for what you achieved during the event time, but also what you have done during the whole game round!

🎫How to participate

In order to participate in the draw, you need to do exactly 3 things:

🥇Sign up for the event in Discord thread created by some of our CMs in your gameworld channel.

🥈Indicate your in-game name and ID of your account.

🥉Meet the event requirements 

The more requirements you will meet, the bigger chances you will have to win the prize in the draw!

What are event requirements?

Early-game event
Mid-game event
End-game event
  • Be among top-150 by gained resources into hero inventory
  • Be among top-100 by gained PvE Points
  • Be among top-100 by gained CP points
  • Be among top 100 by the biggest single village population
  • Receive 100 points daily quests for N days during the event. (where N = 4 days for 1x, 3 for speed gameworlds)
  • Be among top-100 by daily CP production.
  • Be among top-100 by PvE Points
  • Hold an artefact or a World Wonder by the end of the event
  • Be in top-100 in at least 2 rankings (attack, defence, population, hero)
  • Get 5 medals (or bands) during the whole gameround
  • Have not less than 50 crocodiles 🐊 on account
  • Be among top-100 by PvE Points (the data counts during the event)
  • Hold Construction plan by the end of the event

Gained resources: You can do that by fighting with nature and completing quests. You don’t need to keep those resources; we will count how many resources were added during the time of the event.

Be among top-100 by PvE Points: Both nature units kills and fights against Natars counts

Be among top-100 by gained CP points: We count total amount from the gameworld start till the end of the event stage.

Be among top 100 by the biggest single village population: Only population of your biggest village counts.

Receive 100 points daily quests N days in a row: For x1 gameworld it’s 4 days in a row (consecutive days), for speed gameworlds it’s 3 days since event is shorter.

🎁 Prizes
  • The winners will be picked randomly among those who fulfilled the requirements.
  • The more achievements you’ll have, the more chances you’ll receive to get the prize. I.e. if you managed to appear in 3 out of 4 categories, your name will be listed 3 times in the draw.
  • Each player can win only one prize during each stage.
  • Prize pool is 10x gold vouchers per 🪙 200 gold each.