Travian Loop: The marketplace

Welcome to Travian Loop series! This last article is created based on the previous Loop format (when feedback and suggestions were still separate) and therefore concludes the old version. From now on, the blog posts will be published in the new format which is described here: Travian Loop ~ New format.

Recently we asked you to give us detailed feedback about marketplace so that we could address the most pressing issues. Here is what been discussed.

➡️ – Players’ feedback 

⬅️ – Game Centre Answer 


➡️ Every community complains about the pop up window. Players are still annoyed by it due to unnecessary clicks and general inconvenience it creates.

⬅️ We’re discussing solutions internally, but we’re not yet able to conclude how we solve that issue. The goal is to find a solution where we can offer the send resource action in a popup on the world map, and without the need to open a popup in the marketplace.

➡️ When switching villages it does not keep the window open when sending resources. Makes them click everything again 

⬅️ This is a bug and will be fixed in one of the upcoming releases.

➡️ The pop-up remains open after selecting a village as a destination until you click somewhere else. It’s especially bothersome on mobile because the screen is then overlaid by the pop-up. 

⬅️ If you mean the dropdown menu for selecting target stays open, not the pop-up itself, then this will be fixed in one of the upcoming releases. If you mean something else, please, leave your comments in discord thread on this topic.

➡️ Pop-up blocks the “outgoing/incoming deliveries” portion under it(on pc). When you send res it’s hard to keep track of what you sent where.  

⬅️ When we find a solution to point #1 in this list, we’ll be able also to sort that altogether.

➡️ Pop-up makes it difficult to select the destination village when playing in the phone.

➡️ The new marketplace is not user friendly for mobile users and for Firefox due to the village selection issues 

⬅️ This should become better with one of the recent releases.

Link list

➡️ It is not possible anymore to go on profile, take one of the villages, click on “send” merchants” to open a new page, so that the link could be copied and added to the link list in order to have pre set coordinates for merchants.

⬅️ The userstory for this has been created and will soon be implemented. In the meantime please find here an explanation how you can craft that link: In-game links you might not know about.

Window size

➡️ Players would like to have the size of the pop-up window editable.

⬅️ Unfortunately, this is not possible. However, we will work on layout and improvements when we work on the first global suggestion (keep pop-up only on the map, but not in the marketplace).


➡️ A player asked if it would be possible to scroll over 20 villages.

⬅️ We’ll see what we can do about that.

Error messages 

➡️ Players complain that some of the error messages appear incorrectly.  

  • The merchant error message should appear when trying to send with too few merchants, not after you successfully send res.
  • Same happens once the raw materials have been shipped, it’s not quite clear if it went, but you can see by the number of traders. There is only a small message in red.
  • This warning is the same example of getting an error message after doing something successfully.

⬅️ The red error appears in certain conditions, and depends on the situation, it simply reflects the status AFTER sending the merchants, but it’s a bit misleading. For example if there are not enough merchants left to send another “wave”, or if the amount of resources left in the village is less than what you just sent, it will tell you the amount was adjusted. All in red, but it is about the next sending, if you want to make it, not about the one you just did. We’ll see what can be done to make it more understandable, but currently it works as intended.

Max button 

➡️ Players still have issues with the max button, as they click on it often accidentally. 

  • In cases when you first manually fill in the numbers of the resources and all merchants are used but there is still some number of resources that the last merchant can take players press “+” button and instead of filling the maximum capacity the number simply goes over the limit and you have to adjust it manually
  • Players don’t like the button “fill up resources” (too close on the phone to “+” button)
  • Suggested to make max button have to be pressed twice in order to work for mobile devices.

⬅️ We will work on fixing the mentioned above issues in the near future.

Village names  

➡️ Players mentioned cases when the village names for automatic fill do not pop-up correctly. 

  • When you add village in “send resources” click on it and all villages list pop up
  • Sometimes the same village name is available in the list (when starting to write the village name), sometimes it is not.

⬅️ The issue has been worked on and we hope to fix it in one of the upcoming releases.

Mass edit/Trade routes

➡️ When making multiple trade routes from one village to another village, they all appear under one route later on. Make it possible to choose if stack or keep routes separate. (Having regular trade routes to the village and the ones added only in emergencies. It’s really bad coding to put it all together and later be forced to waste few mins clicking tick boxes on the ones you don’t need anymore)

➡️ When we mass edit trade route, we can’t change the departure time

⬅️ Unfortunately, so far we have to keep it as it is till we work on other marketplace suggestions. 

Possible bug

➡️ When I was playing alpha on PC, it happened to me that when I was sending resources and chose a village from the list sometimes, I was not able to click the send resources button (after I filled in the resource amount). Refreshing the page usually solved the problem.

⬅️ We would need more details, most important – was there any error message displayed. Please, if this ever happens again, contact in-game support and provide as many details as possible so that we could look into it.