🆕 Quality of Life Changes:

This is a selection of improvements in various areas of the game, that makes it easier to perform various tasks or find important information, based on players feedback.

TL-12503 Culture Points tab in the village overview will include the information from Residence/Palace about the next available settlement slot.

TL-11811 Troops tab in the village overview will show the total attack and defence strength of all troops in each village. Also the layout was improved to make better use of space.

TL-12502 Combat simulator results will include information about the damage received by each hero in the simulation.

TL-11129 Vacation mode description in game will specify that trade routes will be inactive during vacation.

TL-12504 Top10 rankings will always display the player’s own rank, even if it’s not within the top 10.

TL-11091 We improved the way game handles the map pop-up with details of a specific position.  Opening any place of the map will change the URL of the game to include that position. This means that for example if you open a combat simulator from an oasis details on the map, then use back button of browser to go back to the map, it will open with the oasis details shown.

Shores of War:

TL-12628 The server progress bar in the general statistics will show a number of new achievements, in addition to the player who first settled their second village:

  • Alliance that controlled the most regions by 30% of the duration of the gameworld.
  • Alliance that had the most Victory Points by 60% of the duration of the gameworld.

TL-12586 The map in the 10% zoom level will show alliance banners over regions, showing which alliance controls the region.

🆕 Bugfixes:

TL-12467 We fixed an issue with reporting messages from players whose account has been deleted. The report button will not be shown in such cases anymore.

TL-12177 Character limit for the comment when reporting a player was sometimes lower than 300 characters. We have fixed it.

TL-12755 Merging troops page showed some code instead of proper text when you didn’t have enough gold.

TL-12443 When forwarding troops to an occupied oasis, the information that the target is an occupied oasis was missing on the confirmation screen.

TL-12693 Shores of War: we corrected a misleading warning when you tried to send reinforcements to troops outside of your alliance. It mentioned confederacies and there are no confederacies in Shores of War.

TL-12463 Fixed an issue with combat simulator when you select Natars as attacker, then clicked “play as defender” and then “play as attacker”. Natar emperor was displeased by players pretending they are Natars.

TL-12529 When you open combat simulator from the map, simulate the battle and then click “send troops” at the bottom of the simulation, the game will open the “send attack” page with coordinates of the target filled. This was not working correctly previously.

TL-12652 When the hospital was destroyed in battle, defender was not getting wounded from their lost units. Hospital should still work and allow wounded from the battle in which it was destroyed. We have fixed this.

TL-12195 Fixed an issue with hero, who would sometimes after combat show status “at home”, even though the hero was still on the way back.

⏲️ Rollout plan (Downtime ~5 min)

31.10 ~ 10:03 UTC – America 8, America 30, America Shores of War x1

02.11 ~ 10:03 UTC – America
02.11 ~ 12:03 UTC  – Asia

03.11 ~ 10:03 UTC  – Europe, Hispano Eternos, Husaria, LUSOBR, Eterni, Wimpel, Garuda
03.11 ~ 12:03 UTC  – Arabics

06.11 ~ 10:03 UTC  – International