Travian: Shores of War ~ the conqueror medal!

We prepared one more nice addition to all Shores of War conquerors. Get ready to earn a permanent medal with your alliance! First Shores of War gameworlds start already tomorrow, don’t miss it!

This year loyal members of a winning alliance will have a chance to receive a medal that they can display on their profiles forever.

To get a medal at the end of the gameworld, players should meet the following requirements:

  • Have an account at the end of the game round.
  • Be a part of the winning alliance that has the most Victory Points when the gameworld ends.
  • Be a part of an alliance continuously for the last 30 days (x1 and x2 speed) and 15 days (x3 and x5 speed) before the gameworld ends.

Full feature set can be found here: 🧭 Travian: Shores of War

Start dates, times and much more: ⚓ Gameworld details

Discover, fight and come back to the safe harbor with the conqueror medal!

Travian: Shores of War