Travian Loop ~ New format

The Travian Loop where players and Game Centre talk directly on the various game topics became popular and today, we would like to invite you to go on the next step by merging 2 areas with similar functions: Feedback Loop and Suggestion section, into one bigger and more organized channel.

What changes would it bring?

Changes in Official Discord Channel

Starting from September, 11th, we rework the feedback loop format and merge it with the suggestions section in a new #feedback-forum in official Discord.

What is #feedback-forum?
A dedicated space where your ideas, suggestions for game enhancements, and feedback on various aspects of the game can be openly discussed. We aim to create a continuous feedback loop, ensuring that your voices are not only heard but also validated.

What happens with #suggestions?
The process for submitting and discussing game suggestions will transform:

  • The current suggestion section will be retired, and pending ideas will appear on #feedback-forum.
  • All new game improvement ideas will be channeled through the #feedback-forum. Please familiarize yourself with the instructions there.

How would #travian-loop work?

  • Moving forward, we will focus on voting for one hot discussion topic each month.
  • We invite you to join the discussions on a hot topic in #feedback-forum. Your ideas and thoughts will contribute to the game and gaming community. Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions there.
  • The feedback will be consolidated and sent to the Game Team.
  • Suggestions will be reviewed by players. We will discuss them both in #forum-loop channel and also in Elite one to have clear vision on them from all levels of player experience (regular players and alliance leaders/alliance strategists).  If you’re an alliance leader and still not part of Elite program, please, contact your CM and we’ll sort this out.
  • You will have the opportunity to vote on the most promising suggestions once every month. These votes will be sent to the game team for evaluation and, eventually, implementation.
  • Additionally, we will always have an open topics and suggestions thread where you can share ideas and feedback outside of the current loop topic if needed. This thread will be evaluated and answered together with the main topic.
Changes in Travian Loop blog posts

After feedback and suggestions have been sent to the Game Centre, we will prepare blog post with their answers.

Each loop blog blog will contain Game Centre answers on:

  • Feedback Loop Topic
  • Feedback Loop Suggestions
  • Open Topics and Suggestions

We will keep putting all suggestions into our existing Trello board: Travian: Legends suggestions

Your community team, together with the Game Center, is committed to providing you with a response to the hottest topics, suggestions, and feedback every month.

Join us today, and let your voices be heard!

Your Travian: Legends Team

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