Travian Loop: In-game statistics, graphs, and tooltips

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Our August topic was dedicated to in-game statistics, graphs, and tooltips. Let’s look into Players Feedback and Game Centre answers more closely. 

➡️ – Players’ feedback 

⬅️ – Game Centre Answer 

Statistics and graphs 

Graphic of total troops trained 

➡️A graphic with total troops trained on the account would be very cool. For example as a hardcore defender who keeps losing troops, you could see how much you had in total.  Same as some off players even that’s not as big of a deal because usually you know what armies you smashed. 

➡️Some players think it would be more interesting to see the total resources used for training. 

These should be visible for the player only during the server.  

⬅️ We Like this idea and will see how we can implement it.

Overflow and starved soldiers 

➡️Also add statistics of overflow res that got lost and statistics about how many soldiers starved in the account. Players would like to see that, especially the first option. 

⬅️ We have a suggestion waiting for implementation about starved troops. However we think tracking overflow of resources is discouraging, thus so far we do not consider adding this information.

Behind top 10 

➡️Players would like to see the exact rank even they do not fit in the Top 10 

⬅️ We already planned change for the raiding ranking which will be implemented in one of the upcoming updates.   

Total gold amount 

➡️ Players would like to see how much gold they have spent in total during the server 

⬅️ Players can already see the number of bought gold in order history of the gold shop. We could consider listing all added gold to the account at the same place.

Total nr. of ally pop 

➡️ Players would like to see the total number of population of the alliances 

⬅️ It’s adding public information, so we can do this, but for prioritization we would need estimation of why it’s needed for the players. Currently it’s possible to calculate approximate total population by average population multiplied by player number, which is already part of statistics.

Access for leaders

➡️ Some players would like special statistic view for the leaders in order to see the production and other of the ally members 

⬅️ Alliance leader access to info like resources, troops etc is more entering the field of alliance leader tools than changes that affect all players. We will come back to this topic when we will discuss leader functions.

Raiding income 

➡️ Players would like to see raiding income separately from each village as in the picture below.  

➡️ They would like to have new linear graph showing relation between raid income and server time in 24hrs/2d/7d/30d 

⬅️ Well, the view can not cover all villages at once, but maybe we can squeeze the currently active village in. We also prepared some changes that might help with getting more info on a raiding statistics in the upcoming updates, which we will announce within next month!

Trading income 

➡️ Separate trading income and alliance resources push in these incoming/outgoing trading volume here: 

⬅️ Yes, we can consider this separation for internal view, separating into “resources sent” “resources received” and “incoming trading volume” and “outgoing trading volume” 

➡️ A new Top 10 Statistic for Trading income, so everyone can spot those multi users easily. 

⬅️ So far we do not consider making this statistics public. High trading income at the same time does not necessarily mean multiaccounts.

PvE and PvP  

➡️ Players would like to have these statistics more separated. They would like to see the animals and natars in separate columns and also having raid and attack points separately. 

⬅️ Unfortunately, we won’t be able to add much more statistics here.

Requests for HOF statistics  

  1. most logistic – showing player that has the most merchant running rounds at how many round
  2. most carry – player has the most resources carried, how many resources
  3. longest merchant distance – player has merchant traveling longest distance and how many tiles
  4. most unit dies – has most unit died and how many
  5. most unit kills – has most unit killed(include PvE and friendly units like alliance or own units) and how many
  6. most animal kills/died defending village/caught – showing player who has most animal kills, got killed, caught and how many
  7. most CP generated per day/cumulative – showing player who has most CP generated and how much
  8. most resources production – showing player who has most resources production and how many
  9. most raid – showing player who has most raid and how many
  10. most bounty lost – showing player who has most bounty lost and how many
  11. most villages – showing player who has most villages and how many
  12. most gold spent – showing player who has most gold spent and how much
  13. most gold received – showing player who has most golds received and how much (include golds bought into server and golds received from converting silver)
  14. most silver gained from sales – showing player who has most silver gained from selling things in auction
  15. most building destroyed – showing player who has most building/fields destroyed and how many
  16. most destroy building – showing player who has destroyed building/fields the most and how many
  17. player who has most successful chief
  18. player who has most villages lost from chief
  19. player who has most starvation
  20. player who has most overflowed resources
  21. player who has most scout power produced all server time
  22. player who has being scouted the most (both successful and unsuccessful)
  23. player who has fed troops the most
  24. player who has fed own troops the most
  25. Showing top 3 VP producers for AS HOF.

⬅️ A lot of this data cannot be extracted easily.  Some of these ideas could be implemented in a revamp of the Hall of Fame. However this revamp is not really highest priority by now.   

Tooltips and others 


➡️ Players would like to have several features implemented, which are currently available in 3rd party tools only. 

➡️ One of them is the defense and offense planners. Players would welcome a solution for that integrated in Travian.  

➡️ Another hot feature is the village development. They would like to see graphs of villages based on population.  

⬅️ Tools allow different players use different solutions. Integrating a tool in a way into the game makes a lot of decisions for all players, which is something we want to avoid. 

Tooltips extension 

➡️ Players feel that there are way too many “hidden” in-game mechanics, on which info is very hard to find and actually need to play the  game for ages to find out.  


  • undetected scouts give no report to defenders
  • after chiefing, troops stay in chiefed village as reinforcement
  • if you kill less than 25% defenses while attacking, you don’t get a report

It is tough for new players to get into the game  because of all that.  

⬅️ Yeah, some of those are hard to describe in such detail, as we also don’t want to overload players with too much information at once. 

➡️ In general players would like to have the FAQ (support) documents ingame again. 

⬅️ We have links to Travian Knowledgebase throughout the game. We will keep adding links, but we cannot implement full FAQ on everything in-game. Some knowledge comes with experience.