In-Game Travel time simulator

Travian: Shores of War brought a lot of exciting features, one of which is special traveling through deep waters.

Since we don’t want to send you into a dangerous marine expedition unprepared, we would like to present a new feature that will help brave conquerors sail to new lands and return safely to their harbors.

The first-ever prototype of a built-in-game travel time simulator is being developed and will appear on all Shores of War and regular gameworlds in the upcoming days.

What’s new?

The Tab “Combat Simulator” will be renamed into “Simulators” and will receive two sub-tabs: “Combat Simulator” and “Travel Simulator.”

  • The Travel Simulator will allow you to calculate travel time from one coordinate to another, similar to external tools.
  • If a player selects “use Warship/Decoy Warship,” the travel time will be calculated according to the pathfinding algorithm.
  • Travel time will work both for regular and special gameworlds. Ship selection on regular gameworlds will not be possible. 
  • This is still a work in progress; therefore, the final view and the list of options in the travel time calculator might change. We will keep you updated and look forward to receiving your feedback on that feature in our official Discord.
  • We will announce the final rollout plan for this feature in the upcoming weeks.
For tool creators

During our recent AMA, we promised to publish a blueprint of land and deep waters for Travian Shores of War that we use for the pathfinding. You can find it here.