Travian Loop: Trade restrictions and limitations

Welcome to Travian Loop. Our recent topic was dedicated to trade restrictions and limitations Let’s look into Players Feedback and Game Centre answers more closely. 

➡️ – Players’ feedback 

⬅️ – Game Centre Answer 

Speed and capacity of merchants 

Majority of the players would like to have changes in the speed and/or the capacity of merchants.

The following ideas were shared: 

➡️ The merchants’ speed doesn’t fit with various game speeds at the moment

➡️ Players would like to see some sort of temporary buff, like the celebration in brewery, that increases it temporarily

⬅️ We like this suggestion, as it allows for new mechanics to arise. Yet, we think it would be better not to go for a “countdown-based buff” like a celebration. Instead, implement some “usage based buff” like “new carts travel at 125 % speed, and after 100 fields distance they loose a % until back at 100 % speed” – for villages with low traffic the carts hold longer.

➡️ Add the “increase of merchants’ speed” to alliance bonus 

⬅️ This indeed would be a great additional infrastructure alliance bonus! We will consider this as part of the upcoming QoL improvements.

➡️ Capacity should be increased when trading between own villages and the WW 

➡️ Increase merchants’ capacity after artifact spawn 

⬅️ We would rather avoid special cases like “target dependent capacity” or “server age dependent capacity” since it might create various issues and spark confusion.

➡️ The speed increase can be connected to the tribe’s carrying capacity. Larger capacity, lower speed increase.

⬅️ The critical difference for tribes is “resources transported per time”. This suggestion, however, removes one of the tribe-specific differences, which we would like to avoid.

Trade routes

Players brought up several ideas how to improve the trade routes: 

➡️ Introduce a possibility of making trade routes to all alliance villages (while still staying within the limits)

⬅️ Currently we are not considering this. The trade routes to any alliance village would simplify the life of tech accounts and multiaccounts. This is not our intention.

➡️ Players would like to be able to program Trade Routes by the minute (to manage big negatives when sometimes the 1 time per hour is not enough) especially when we have a huge negatives.

⬅️ It’s currently possible, it just requires more time and effort from the player side to plan these. With the current implementation, we will not be changing that.

➡️ The trade route should have the option to send non-stop. Sometimes merchants can go back and forth more frequently than 3 times delivery/ hour. But max. frequency provided is 3 times if players want more frequency they need to create more routes themselves.

⬅️ Yes, it’s a good suggestion. We are not planning to do unlimited/non-stop, yet we are considering increasing the max number of deliveries (i.e. x5, x10) per trade route that players can pick.

➡️ Create a limitation linked to trade routes, different from the manual shipment limitation that already exists. Example: I place 100k of def with an ally, and I can create a trade route for an amount of up to 110% of the local consumption, with an artefact taken into account.

⬅️ Unfortunately, we can’t do that since it’s too complex and very difficult to communicate.

➡️ Trade routes to artefact villages should include all resources, not only crop, and be unlimited within the same confederacy.

⬅️ Again, this is making it harder to control what tech accounts and multicount are doing. 

Players would also see some restrictions concerning the trade routes to WW villages. However many others do not agree on that.

➡️ Restrict trade routes and apply limits to WW villages. At least till day 130 or so. Now they are used to abusing the system starting at day 40, while actual WW building can’t be started till day 150 or whenever BP’s are out.

⬅️ We see the point, and we are considering options how we can implement that.

Offer ratio

➡️ Players would like to extend the ratio on offer. Currently the maximum is: 1:2, but sometimes clay worth 2 times iron and iron worth 2 times crop so clay worth 4 times crop. Thus the ratio should be extended to 1:4.

⬅️ Unfortunately, just like with few suggestions above, this would open gates wider for multi and tech accounts. Currently we are not considering this.

Push limits

It is a very divisive topic. Many players would like to get rid of the limitations overall, as they feel cheaters should be caught in a different way and making their game more difficult with all the restrictions and limitations makes the non-cheaters’ game also difficult.

On the other hand some players feel we should have even more restrictions to avoid being pushed by “tech accounts” or multies.

⬅️ The general direction we are about to take is to change the restrictions to be more strict and affect certain exchanges of resources which were not taken into account before.   

Hereby some examples of the requests: 

➡️ Removing trade restrictions at the beginning of the game or for the whole round.

➡️ Reconsider overall push limits, because after introducing hospital to the game it is sometimes quite difficult to help other players from your alliance.

⬅️ Unfortunately, we can’t do much on that matter. We understand that fighting tech accounts and push abuse might also affect decent players, yet it is what it is.

➡️ Reconsider the push limit for sitter accounts. Basic amount of pushes should be allowed even when sitting

➡️ Delete the limit based on the account’s population

⬅️ We don’t think we should change this, as it avoids accounts getting pushed too early on and it again gives more options to use multi and tech accounts. 

➡️ Current limits are fine, there’s just so many ways to circumvent them, which should be blocked.

⬅️ We assume we are talking about sending to multiple accounts instead of just one, raiding resources instead of letting the account send it via marketplace, correct? We’d be interested in those circumventing ways and learn about how we can block them without interfering with the regular players life. We will be grateful for the examples so we can look into how we can prevent this behaviour. Please, share with us in the thread in Travian-loop section of Discord.

➡️ Restriction should be 1 hrs production (from 3 hrs production), if it even matters. Not only thinking about the abuse of it, but also to fast pushing zeroed caps back up, making them basically a waste of target. However damaging a village, should impact accounts for several days.

⬅️ We get the point, but alliance pushing is also quite beneficial to keep players in the game after they get destroyed.

🔁 Conclusion

In general we are thinking about ways to make push limitations harder, at the same time blocking the circumferential ways of pushing each other (i.e. Private farms, Unlimited early supply of World Wonders etc). There needs to be a good balance found though. If we strengthen the pushing restrictions due to tech accounts, it will most likely have impact on how much an alliance can push accounts to recover.