Europe 30 ~ Europe 3x gameworld is live!

Europe 30 3x speed gameworld opens its gates! Get ready for the glorious battle!

You will find all relevant information regarding speed, times and much more in the table below.

🛡️Europe 30 ~ x3 gameworld🛡️


3x speed

Gameworld link

(will be active once the gameworld starts)
Start Date and Time
August 24th 15:00 UTC+1

⚔️General information⚔️

Winning conditions
World Wonder:

The alliance that first constructs a Wonder of the World to level 100 will be announced as the winner of the era.

Interface Languages
All languages
3 tribes

  • Romans
  • Gauls
  • Teutons
⌛Relevant timelines⌛
Beginners protection
3 days
Beginners protection can be prolonged
3 days
Artifacts Spawn
After 30 days
Construction plans Spawns
After 60 days
Gameworlds ends with Natar winning
After 95 days
Tier 2 hero Item spawn
After 23.3 days
Tier 3 hero Item spawn
After 36.6 days
🚶Speed Factor🚶
Troops training
3x speed
Building upgrading
3x speed
Resource production
3x speed
Troops travelling speed
2x speed
Auction duration
8 hours
Artworks Max effect
1000 CP
Artworks and Water Bucket cooldown
12 hours
Small townhall celebration
Maximum 250 CP
Big townhall celebration
Maximum 1000 CP
Celebration duration
2 times shorter
Artifacts Cooldown
12 hours
🪙Gold Features🪙
Plus Account and Resources Bonus duration
3 days
Gold Transfer Link Inbound
from everywhere
Gold Transfer Link Outbound
to any 4.6 Gameworld except Tournament
Refer-a-Friend feature

Sharpen your swords and string your bows, the fight is right to come!

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