Travian: Shores of War ~ Feature Set

🧭 General Features 🧭
Map 🆕
Ancient Europe with 87 regions to be conquered. Traveling over the edge is not possible. 
Victory points
Victory points are accumulated by the alliance that dominates a region.

To dominate a region, an alliance needs to have >50% territorial control, and the “securing” cool-down timer (24 hours) has run out.

The alliance’s victory points are the sum of all points held in all villages of this alliance. The alliance’s victory points can be lost, conquered or destroyed.

No Victory points for inactive players 🆕
Players marked with the red and grey dots in the alliance list (i.e., inactive longer than 72 hours) do not receive victory points to their villages. Victory points for the regional control are distributed among other players’ villages in the region. Their population still counts for regional control, though.
Travian: Shores of war features 6 tribes:

  • Egyptians
  • Huns
  • Teutons
  • Gauls
  • Romans
  • Spartans
World Wonders and End of Gameworld
There are no World Wonders in this type of scenario. The gameworld ends at specific time after 180 days for 1x speed, 120 days for 2x speed and 80 days for 3x speed.
Troop merging
Yes – unlimited with resources – Gold usage limited to 50 Gold per day per village. More information is available here.
Troop forwarding 🆕
Yes. Details on how to forward troops can be found here.

When you forward troops from a harbor village with available ships, you can provide your ship with the selected reinforcements so that they can travel faster.It doesn’t matter whether the troops belong to you or the other player or whether they originate from a harbor or a regular village. After reinforcements arrive at the target village, the ships reappear in the harbor village immediately. 

Trade routes
You can create routes only to your own villages.
Visibility of alliance list attacks
The alliance member list will only show attacks and raids where the number of incoming troops is equal to or bigger than the Rally Point level. 
No confederacies 🆕
Travian: Shores of War is an ultimate battle of marine conquerors where everyone fights only for their own alliance. The diplomatic agreements in the shores of war are limited by non-aggression pacts and wars only.
⚓ Harbors and Pathfinding ⚓
The Harbors🆕
You will be able to build Harbors in the villages that are located on the shores next to “deep waters.” Harbors, in turn, will allow you to send tradeships and warships with increased speed when they travel through the Deep waters.
Pathfinding 🆕
  • Speed is calculated for land and deep water movements separately.
  • Land movement is not altered, and while on land, all movement bonuses (hero items, tribe bonuses, and artifacts) still apply.
  • Deep water movement is a static 30 fields / hour for x1 speed gameworlds (60 for x2-x5, 120 for x10) and cannot be boosted.
  • Leaving the harbor counts as half a field travel distance by land in all cases (both for the trade ships and warships).
  • Tournament square only affects land movements. Means, the army needs to travel 20 fields on land before the Tournament Square starts working.
More information… More detailed information about Harbors and Pathfinding can be found here:

🌊 The ships 🌊
Trade ships 🆕
Trade ships provide additional trading capacity to your harbor village. They do not need merchants to transfer resources and are not limited to 20 units.

Trade ships travel at a speed of 20 fields per hour on 1x speed gameworlds for all tribes in deep waters. When traveling by land, they take the regular speed of the tribe that owns the harbor village.

Warships and Decoy warships🆕
Warships and Decoy warships are used for sending armies (attacks, raids, settlers, and reinforcements) with an increased speed of – 30 fields per hour on x1 speed gameworlds – when they travel in “deep waters.” Decoy warships are very similar to warships but can carry only up to 60 units.
More information… More detailed information about ships can be found here: The ships
🏛️ Cities 🏛️
Villages can be upgraded into a city with a Townhall at level 20.

  • The city requires 2 settlement (CP) slots.
  • The city gains 3 additional building slots.
  • Resource fields can be upgraded to level 12 in non-capital cities.
  • Walls can be upgraded with Watchtowers.
Only available in cities.

The Watchtower is not a separate building, but a wall extension, which can be upgraded up to level 20. Each level of the Watchtower adds 1% of defence bonus, up to 20% at maximum level.

In Travian: Shores of War, waterworks can only be built in Egyptian cities.
More information… More detailed information about the Cities can be found here: Cities.
🏆 Ancient Powers (Artefacts) 🏆
Artefacts here are called Ancient powers.
Architects’ secret, Titan boots, Eagles eyes, Diet control, Trainers talent, Storage masterplan, Rivals confusions.
Alliances with >50% territorial control gain access to the ancient power, which can be activated in a village with a big enough treasury.
Power restrictions
Ancient power needs to be activated manually every 24 hours. The same ancient power can be activated once for each alliance member (account scope effect) and once for each alliance member’s village (village scope effect).

Ancient powers can be activated as soon as a player’s alliance has achieved >50% territorial control and has held the territory for 24 hours. To activate an ancient power, an alliance member just needs a treasury at level 10 for ancient powers with an effect for the village, or a treasury at level 20 for ancient powers with an effect for the account.

There are naturally a few restrictions: For each village, only one ancient power may be activated, and for each account only one account-wide ancient power may be activated. Thus, a total of two ancient powers can have an effect on one village.

🔱 Conquering 🔱
When conquering a village that belongs to an account of another tribe, the village keeps that tribe. The tribe-specific buildings are kept unless they are destroyed in battle. Your account will stay as the tribe you picked during registration.
When conquering a Natar village, the village will belong to the tribe of the chief’s village.
Keep tribe on conquer
A full description of the feature can be found here: Keep tribe on conquer
🏠 Spawning and Settling 🏠
Instead of spawning in the center, there will be four spawning positions on the map, one for each quadrant. The regions around the spawn site will be unlocked in a certain order. Only once all spawn sites of the first region are filled will the villages start spawning in the next region.
Settling second village (changing tribe) 🆕
You can pick the tribe of your second village for your very first settlement.

  • This only works for the first successful settlement from your spawn village.
  • If the settling fails (due to other settlers being faster), you can still select the tribe.
  • If the settlement was successful, but later the settled village got destroyed, the feature is not re-enabled.
Settling other villages
When settling a new village, the village created belongs to the tribe of the settler’s village.
Settling on ships🆕
You can send your settlers on ships to found a new village.
Settling location
You can only settle in regions that have a neighboring region with more than 4,000 alliance population.
🆕 Miscellaneous (new features only) 🆕
Cancelling deliveries🆕
Merchant and trade ship delivery can be cancelled within the first 60 seconds.
Harbors in map.sql 🆕
Harbor status of the village is shown in the Map.sql. More information about what map.sql is can be found here.
Flat map and the regions🆕
Regions on the other side of the map (like Volubilis and Hyperborea) will no longer be considered “neighboring,” and their population will not be counted for region unlocking.

Hovering over the region name in “statistics” and “alliance profiles” will enable regional map tooltips to display its location.

We hope this table will help you to dive right into the action on our Shores of War gameworld in September. See you on the battlefield!

Travian: Shores of War