Game Secrets ~ What is Map.sql?

What is map.sql?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language and it’s a standard language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data in databases.

Map.sql is a file provided by Travian: Legends on a daily basis and used by various external tools and tool creators. The file contains detailed information about villages on the map and is updated always at midnight server time, every 24 hours.

Important note for tool-creators: The file is generated at midnight server time, however, it’s not recommended to set data extraction exactly at midnight (00:00:00). Due to various processes, the file might become available with 5-20 seconds delay.

What information does map.sql file contain?

Each map.sql file contains information about every village on a selected gameworld and its state by the time the file was created. It doesn’t matter at which time of the day you downloaded the file – it shows parameters that were saved at midnight server time.

When you open the file you will see the list of the entries that will look something like this:

INSERT INTO `x_world` VALUES (22028,173,146,5,31912,’Natars 173|146′,1,’Natars’,0,”,498,NULL,FALSE,NULL,NULL,NULL);

If you know what each parameter means, you can easily decipher it using the table below:

Regular Gameworld
Field ID X Y Tribe Village ID Village name Player ID Player name Alliance ID Alliance Tag Population Region Capital City Harbor Victory points
22028 173 146 5 31912 Natars 173|146 1 Natars 0 498 NULL FALSE NULL NULL NULL
Annual Special (random example)
Field ID X Y Tribe Village ID Village name Player ID Player name Alliance ID Alliance Tag Population Region Capital City Harbor Victory points
36772 80 109 2 9260 LilaS 1744 ashko 2 UU # 948 Venedae TRUE FALSE FALSE 162

Important note: In the past the file was slightly different for Annual Special gameworlds compared to regular ones, as it included data about cities, capitals and Victory Points. By now it had been unified so that all files will have all data. However, in case the gameworld doesn’t support a specific feature, the data will be set to NULL. That’s why on a regular gameworld map.sql will contain NULL in the place for the region, city, harbor and Victory Points. This was done for the conveniency of the tool creators.

TRUE and FALSE are used to define the status of the village (for example, whether a certain village is a capital or not)

The tribes in map.sql file are shown as a digit.

  • 1 – Romans
  • 2 – Teutons
  • 3 – Gauls
  • 4 – Nature (this tribe is not shown in map.sql)
  • 5 –  Natars
  • 6 – Egyptians
  • 7 – Huns
  • 8 – Spartans

How can I get map.sql file from a certain gameworld?

To get map.sql file you just need to add map.sql after your gameworld name as in an example:

Gameworld link
Map.sql link

The downloading starts automatically. You do not need to be a part of the gameworld to download map.sql file for it.

What for and how can I use this data?

Map.sql data can be used various ways. Alliance off-coordinators often use this file to plan operations, regular players and game analitics do that to monitor gameworld/players activity and such. If you’re new to programming, consider opening the file using a notepad (.txt format) and pasting it to excel or a similar tool with the comma as a column separator. That way you can use tool filters to search for the data you need.

And that is a wrap! Stay tuned and come back to Thursday guides to find out another secret about the game!