Community Week Gameworlds ~ July 2023

The sound of war horns echoes across the Travian world, bringing exciting news… the Community Week is about to start!

What is Community Week?

During Community week the community will decide the setup for the 2 new CW World Wonder gameworlds.

The gameworlds will start on July 18th (x2) and July 21st (x5), 2023. Both gameworlds use the classical small map and World Wonder settings. The 2 different speed variations have already been decided.

How it works:
  • In the table below ⤵️ you will find the overview of all the possible features you can vote for to have active on the gameworlds.
  • Pick your favourite setting and take part in the voting in Discord.
  • You vote for the features separately for each individual gameworld.
  • The voting for each feature will run for 24 hours. The first voting starts today and the final feature vote is starting on Tuesday July 4th, 2023.
Go and pick the features that you would like to see in your gameworld:

x2 CW vote x5 CW vote

Date of voting:

Available features for vote:

Monday June 26th Tribes:

  • Gauls, Romans and Teutons
  • Gauls, Romans, Teutons and Spartans
  • Gauls, Romans, Teutons, Huns and Egyptians
Tuesday June 27 Merging and Forwarding troops + bulk forwarding of troops
Wednesday June 28 Advanced alliance member attack notifications.
Thursday June 29 18 Croppers
Friday June 30th Advanced start – A detailed explanation can be found here.
Monday July 3d Keep tribe on conquer – A detailed explanation about this feature can be found here.
Tuesday July 4th Start time of the gameworlds – Time range available 09:00 – 16:00 UTC+1

More details on these two gameworlds will be shared later on once the features have been decided by the community.

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