CHANGELOG – Release 2094

Overview: Quickly set up another order on marketplace, and working village list on mobile

🆕 Changes:
TL-12119, TL-12118, TL-11994 “Send resources”, “create trade route” and “create offer” pop-ups will stay open after submitting the order, to allow quick setting up of the next similar order.

Combat simulator results will include wounded in the total number of lost troops, similar to how it already worked in regular battle reports.

🛠️ Bugfixes:
TL-12009 Mobile beta browser version: it was not possible to open the village list (by swiping) in the “send resources” window. From now on it will work, and with plus account it will be possible to tap the coordinates of a village to quickly set it as the target.

TL-12209 When creating a new offer in marketplace and using travel time limit, it was difficult to change the default “1”, as you had to add another digit before removing “1”. Not anymore.
TL-11471 When a sitter used “repeat attack” option in the scouting report, the game preselected reinforcements order. It will select raid option by default instead.
TL-12221 Glory of Sparta: it was not possible to target Great warehouse and great granary with catapults. This has been fixed. 
TL-11951 A tooltip on hero XP bar was broken in some circumstances, when it was updated, for example when collecting a reward.
TL-12086 Fixed an issue in the trade routes pop-up, where error messages sometimes were displayed one over another.

This update also fixes a couple of smaller, visual issues.

⏲️ Rollout plan (Downtime ~5 min)
22.05 ~ 10:03 UTC+1 – America 3, America CW 2x, America 30

24.05 ~ 10:03 UTC+1 – America°
24.05 ~ 12:03 UTC+1 – Arabics

25.05 ~ 14:03 UTC+1 – Europe, FR France, Hispano Eternos, Balkans United, CZSK
25.05 ~ 15:03 UTC+1 – Asia

26.05 ~ 10:03 UTC+1 – International

°Excluding the gameworlds listed separately.