CHANGELOG – Release 2069

Overview: Better autocompletion, pasting coordinates in the marketplace and more

🆕 Changes:
TL-12093 Target selection auto completion in marketplace was improved. When no target is selected yet, the autocomplete will show the list of all player’s villages. If auto completion for alliance villages is enabled, the feature will also include confederacy villages. We also improved handling of various errors when resources cannot be sent to the targeted village.
TL-11998 We made it possible to enter more resources than what your available merchants can carry, in the send resources pop-up. This can only be done through the input field. It’s still not going to be possible to send such amount of resources, but we know some players wanted this ability in order to set up merchants the way they want, faster.
TL-11992 We updated the links in the footer of the game pages.

🛠️ Bugfixes:
TL-11891 Pasting coordinates in marketplace didn’t work properly. From now on if you copy coordinates, even with brackets, and paste them in the X field, both X and Y fields will be filled properly.
TL-12109 Changing the active village on the “send troops” tab in Rally Point was clearing the target. Not anymore.
TL-12193 Forwarding troops to their home village didn’t properly switch them to eat crop from their home village immediately.
TL-12028 When attacker lost all troops in the battle, the report didn’t include the information about an artefact effect supporting the defender, as it should.
TL-12049 Diviners at the marketplace were giving wrong readings about the predicted delivery time of 2nd and 3rd delivery when the resources were coming from a village of a different tribe, in some circumstances.
TL-12066 Demolishing marketplace levels will no longer lead to a negative number of available merchants.
TL-12095 Selecting target by clicking the coordinates on the village list (plus feature) in the marketplace will properly remove the “please select a target” error message.
TL-12024 Stonemason lodge construction was not stopped when the village stopped being a capital. It continued and finished with no effect. It will be cleared right away from now on.
TL-11293 Fool’s artefact made a fool of everyone. When it claimed it slowed down troops training, it wasn’t really happening.

⏲️ Rollout plan (Downtime ~5 min)
08.05 ~ 10:03 UTC+1 – Arabics2, Arabics16, Arabics34

11.05 ~ 10:03 UTC+1 – Europe, DE Wimpel, TR Alpler, FR France, Hispano Eternos, Balkans United, CZSK
11.05 ~ 12:03 UTC+1 – Asia
11.05 ~ 14:03 UTC+1 – Arabics°
11.05 ~ 15:03 UTC+1 – America

12.05 ~ 10:03 UTC+1 – International

°Excluding the gameworlds listed separately.