Keep tribe on conquer feature Tips and Tricks

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Currently we have more and more gameworlds with a new “Keep tribe on Conquer” feature, today we will talk about specifics of multitribe gameworlds.

The keep tribe on conquer feature allows us to use the benefits of each tribe without suffering too much from their downsides. If you are unaware how exactly the feature works, you can 🖱️ click on the header below 🖱️ to read its description.

Keep Tribe on Conquer Feature in detail

⚔️Keep-tribe-on-conquer feature ⚔️

Conquering from other players
When conquering a village that belongs to an account of another tribe, the village keeps that tribe. The tribe-specific buildings are kept unless they are destroyed in battle. Your account will stay as the tribe you picked during registration.
Conquering from Natars
When conquering a Natar village, the village will belong to the tribe of the chief’s village.
Settling a village
When settling a new village, the village created belongs to the tribe of the settler’s village.

⛏️Hero adventures and items⛏️

Your hero will always belong to your account tribe, the one you picked upon registration and will keep their unique tribe ability.
Hero items
Wearing items from other tribes improves the values of the units if they are accompanied by the hero. The Spartan hero receives a bigger bonus from a Spartan weapon.
Items in adventures
Your hero can only find items for the account’s tribe.
Troops in adventures
Your hero can find troops that belong to the tribe of the village where they started the adventure.

🏛️ Example 🏛️

Let’s say you have a Hun account and conquered a Gaul village. If the defender built a Trapper, you will find it in that village. The only buildings that won’t be there are the ones that got destroyed during the conquering.

What else happens?

  • You won’t be able to build the specific building for the Huns in this village, since the village belongs to the Gaul tribe.
  • You’ll be able to train Gaul troops, chieftains and settlers.
  • If you send your settlers from that village to settle a new one, the new village will also be Gaul.
  • If you send your chieftain from that village to conquer another village, the conquered village will not switch tribes.
  • If you send your chieftain from that village to conquer a Natar village, the conquered Natar village will change to the Gaul tribe.

What about the hero?

  • If you send the hero to the Gaul village you conquered and make it his new home, your hero bonus will affect the Gaul troops in attack and defence. What’s more, if the hero wears Gaul troop items, these will also affect the troops.
  • If the home village of the Hun hero is a Gaul village, the hero can find Gaul troops when sent on adventures.
  • Since the hero belongs to the Hun account and will always be a Hun hero, they will only find Hun weapons on adventures.

What about the troops?

  • Troops from different tribes belonging to the same account CANNOT be merged (on the gameworlds with this feature enabled). So, a Gaul village will only produce Gaul troops etc.

What do you need to consider when you play on a gameworld with a Keep tribe on Conquer feature?

First of all, if you are attached to a certain tribe or do not like conquering, you can just easily ignore all the tips and play happily with just one tribe!

But if you want to explore the feature in its full scope, read the following tips.

I.  The Hero ability doesn’t change.

The first choice on a gameworld with the ‘keep tribe on conquer feature’ enabled already appears during registration. Remember, basically the only thing that can’t be changed is your hero ability that will stay to you till the end.

And here we have 2 tribes whose hero ability is useful during the whole game round:

Huns tribe: +3 fields/hour speed for a mounted army with a mounted hero. The army must not include any infantry units. That is applicable to any tribe cavalry, not just Hun one! Imagine Resheph chariots travelling with speed 13 instead of usual 10, or Druid riders on speed 19! So, if cavalry speed is important to you, Huns are the nice choice to start a gameworld.

Spartan tribe: +50% strength from Spartan weapons and increased bonus to Spartan troops from appropriate weapons. If you are fascinated by a Spartan tribe just like we are, and planning to train Spartan defense or use it as an attacking army it’s worth considering starting as a Spartan due to the increased bonus a spartan hero gives to Spartan troops. You can find the full description of this hero ability and comparison to the other tribes in this dedicated blog post.

II. Future capital and an early game development.

Another aspect that might define your choice of tribe upon registration is early game development. And here the Egyptians still hold the first place due to their focus on economy and increased hero resource bonus, which allows them to settle the second village faster. Also, settling your second village (that most likely will be your capital) as an Egyptian will provide you a nice start without the necessity to rush with conquering too early which might not be the easiest task.

Yet, it’s important to highlight once again: It’s fully up to you with which tribe to start, since at a later stage you will be able to benefit from other tribe villages and make them work for your best.

If you are still unsure, the best tip would be to register with a tribe you are most used to and have the most experience with.

III. Late stage tips and tricks, and villages specialization

Experienced players that play with this feature often, tend to use the benefits of each tribe by giving villages different specializations based on their strong sides. Let’s look at the most prominent ones.

Benefits (Village Specialization)
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One of the best defensive villages due to phalanx and druidriders, Trapper gives cheap population on gameworlds where it’s important (i.e. Annual Special).
Second best option for the capital for very aggressive players due to Brewery, that affects the whole account (imagine a Roman or a Spartan attacking army with a 20% additional bonus from Brewery)!
Better development due to double queue for resource villages, best spying villages when it comes to active spying (sending on spy operations) and strong and crop-efficient attacking army.
Best capital in terms of resource base due to waterworks, good defence.
Elpida Riders as one of the best universal cavalry units, shieldsmen are one of the strongest infantry defence, sentinels as the best stationary anti-scout defence, very crop-efficient spartan attacking army (though quite low in training).
Best conquering villages due to Command Centre, very good cavalry for farming, one of the best attacking tribes in general.

More detailed explanation about each tribe benefits you can find in our earlier Thursday guides (see the links above).

And that is a wrap! All in all, keep tribe on conquer is a great feature that makes the game more diverse and allows you to use different specializations and it’s definitely worth trying!

See you next Thursday!