Summer and winter times

How does changing between summer and winter time affect my game?

The practice of turning clocks ahead to lose an hour or turning clocks back and gaining an hour may impact your game. Here are different scenarios and examples you can prepare for.

When do we add or lose an hour in Europe?

  • On the last Sunday of March, clocks turn ahead (-1, a 23-hour day).
  • On the last Sunday of October, clocks turn back (+1, a 25-hour day).

The server time will change at 12:00 AM UTC+0

How might this impact my game?

  • The reset time of daily quests will change by one hour. 
  • Adventures may show a different landing time. 
  • Reports of landing times may skip by one hour (01:59 -> 03:00) or repeat for one hour (01:59 -> 01:00).
  • Beginner’s protection may end one hour early or one hour late compared to the starting time of the gameworld.
  • Animals will start spawning an hour earlier or an hour later.
  • Truces may end or start an hour early or late. The exact time will be communicated beforehand by the Travian: Legends team.
  • Gold promotions may last an hour longer or be cut one hour short, and this will be communicated as well.

A popular example scenario for you

Player A sends an attack at 22:00 that takes four and a half hours to land at 02:30. Clocks are turned, and the landing time will suddenly show 01:30 or 3:30. Player’s troops will still travel their original travel time, even if the game shows a different arrival time the next day.

Player B who needs to plan their defenses for the incoming attack, can trust their original plans. The troops of an enemy will travel the original four and a half hours.

See when the clocks are turned:

You can check the server time from the game settings.