Quality of Life Changes ~ The Marketplace

A while ago, we had a big update affecting the marketplace option trade routes, which received a new home in a separate tab, an improved interface, and better functionality.Today, the time has come to introduce the next step in these changes, the marketplace revamp!

This change will be applied on all running gameworlds starting from March 13th. For more information about the roll-out plan for your gameworld, please check the latest release in the Changelogs section.

What’s new

Please note: You can click🖱️ on the images below to see them enlarged ⤵️!

General improvements
  • The layout of the tabs “Send resources”, “Buy”, and “Offer” has been improved, becoming more intuitive.
  • Information about available merchants and merchant capacity is now displayed in all relevant places.
  • Plus, all tabs have received additional functionalities.
Send resources
  • Information about the expected total number of incoming resources has been added based on current deliveries.
  • A new bar allows the player to add resources per merchant capacity up to the maximum number of available merchants.
  • A “Fill all” button has been added next to each resource.
Buy resources
  • Better overview of required merchants and available resources to buy a certain offer
  • Option to select offers only from the player’s own alliance
  • Information about merchant capacity and availability
Offer resources
  • Create offer: “+” and “-” buttons add and subtract merchants up to the current maximum capacity.
  • Information about the ratio of the planned offer has been added.

This Quality of Life Vol. 4 change concludes the planned actions that we announced in 2022. However, more exciting changes are planned for 2023. Stay tuned!