New Discord Onboarding

A new Discord Onboarding feature will be activated soon

In this guide, you will learn how your community experience will be improved.

The new onboarding feature will be activated on Monday, 27th of March. This change will affect your community experience, and so we prepared this short and simple tutorial to make the change easier for you.

Closing and opening channel sections

During the change, you may temporarily see more channels than you are used to. These channels can be hidden in a simple and quick way: From the beginning of our channel list, below (12) Events, click on ‘Channels & Roles.’

This opens a view with questions and answers in four separate sections. The first view, called ‘Customize,’ lets you click on different answers to turn channel sections visible or hide them with one click. You will find images below of how this feature will look like.

Question 1 of 4 lets you open or close international channels for gameworld chats, contests, suggestions, and off-topic. The blue tick tells you which channel sections you have joined.

Question 2 of 4 lets you select different language sections. Click on the language communities you would like to join or remove from the view.

Question 3 of 4 lets you subscribe to notifications whenever an international contest starts. We may add more notification roles in the future.

Question 4 of 4 lets you select roles to describe your favorite tribe(s) and playing style to the other players.

Another view next to ‘Customize’ is called ‘Browse Channels,’ which lets you open or close individual channels. If you are having any trouble with the new onboarding feature, our Community Team has been instructed to guide you through the steps.

We hope this new Onboarding will make it easier for you to customize your community experience and get the most out of our Discord community.

Your Travian: Legends Team