CHANGELOG – Release 1996

Marketplace QoL improvements.

📜 What’s new:

Quality of Life improvement: Completely reworked and improved interface of the Marketplace. Learn more about the changes this Monday!

TL-11655 When the hero is moving to raid, attack or reinforce some place, the information about it in the hero page will include clickable coordinates of the hero’s target.

TL-11603 Simplified the interface of the alliance members list, specialization and edit note buttons were merged.

TL-11402 Improved interface of dropdown menus in game – there will no longer be an empty option at the start of the list.

TL-11825 It will no longer be possible to have a 18-cropper as your last village, similar how it already worked with WW villages. Specifically, when a village’s population is reduced to zero, it is only removed if the player has any other villages, not counting WW villages or 18-croppers. This change is done to remove an exploit that allowed to block the very rare 18-crop.

Find out more about how this works in our Village Destruction article in Knowledge Base.

🛠️ Bugfixes:

TL-11895 Clicking the bag icon in the report list to repeat the attack would not update the number of unread reports. It has been fixed.

⏲️ Rollout plan (Downtime ~5 min)

13.03 ~ 10:03 UTC – America 3, America 30, America 50,

15.03 ~ 10:03 UTC – America
15.03 ~ 12:03 UTC – Asia

16.03 ~ 10:03 UTC – International
16.03 ~ 12:03 UTC – Arabics

17.03 ~ 10:03 UTC – Europe, DE Wimpel, TR Alpler, FR France