Blog Suggestions ~ Share your ideas!

Dear Travian players and blog readers!

Spring has come and that means that it’s time for the usual spring cleaning. Today we would like to invite you on the journey surrounding the Travian: Legends blog.

Have you noticed already? Recently we implemented some changes to the blog to make it a nicer and more organized place. These changes include:

  •  Decluttering of blog categories. We merged and updated some blog categories to make the blog menu look neater. You can find categories on the right side of the blog article.
  •  Introducing tags. Tags are a useful tool to sort blog posts that you prefer. For example, if you are not a big fan of reading and prefer video, you can sort the blog posts by this tag.  Or maybe you want to read weekly guides that uncover some interesting aspect of the game each Thursday? Then Thursday guides are created for you!
  •  The blog calendar. Last but not the least, we made another step to provide you with the most relevant information all in one place without the necessity to jump on other platforms. Have a look at the new shiny blog calendar!

Starting from April 1st, we will publish all upcoming events that will happen next month on there. We hope that it will help you make your plans, find out when the next event you’re interested in will take place and never miss a new blog post on an interesting topic.

And yet, we know that even with those changes our blog still has quite some room for improvement.

And for that we need your help and feedback.

  •  How do you like the introduced changes?
  •  What types of blog posts would you like to see more on our pages?
  •  Do you have an interesting idea for an article which you would like to read in the upcoming months?
  •  Or maybe you have something to share and want it to get published?

We want to know everything!

Share with us in Discord chat channels or directly with your Community Manager in your local section, and we will do our best to find a good place for your suggestion in our blog or answer you directly. Or join our Content creator program and become one of our authors!

Blog Suggestions

Have fun and let’s make our blog the best place ever!