Win Gold in weekly Discord contests

Are you ready to grab some Gold? This article will give a good overview of the different weekly contests and events we have organized for you on Discord.

Weekly Giveaway Raffles

A tradition we started in 2022 has evolved! The giveaways of 2023 are filled with surprises, and everything has been randomized.

  • The giveaway will start on a random weekday, each connected to a more or less known unique theme of that day.
  • The number of winners and the reward size will keep changing every week.
  • The giveaways are usually open for two days or more, so remember to visit the channel often to take advantage of your chance.
  • Each giveaway now comes with a weekly bonus question. By answering this question, you get an extra chance to win Gold!
Travian: Legends weekly giveawat Let’s have a look at the first new giveaway of 2023:

The day’s theme was ‘🐦Bird Day Giveaway,’ where four players would each win 100 Gold by tapping on the green ‘🎉 Enter’ button.

Below the flag icons players use to translate the giveaway text, we have a discussion thread for an ‘Extra chance for 100 Gold‘ reward.

We asked, ‘Which bird pal would you pick to be your scouting companion?’ and players replied with anything from Donald Duck to a Royal Hawk.

Weekly Monday Mysteries

This is another familiar tradition from 2022, but we decided to move the mystery events to Mondays. The idea behind these contests is to surprise players with new event ideas or something we borrowed from the past.

So far, we have seen quizzes, guess games, drawing challenges, story and joke challenges, and puzzles such as a jigsaw to build the Spartan Wonder of the World.

Remember to visit our Discord community every Monday for a fun surprise contest. We usually start at some point in the evening.

Travian Puzzle

Weekly Takes a Village Cards

Takes a Village cards Have you ever wondered how your life would play out as a villager in the world of Travian?

Takes a Village is a social card game where you step into the role of a villager, join different question or challenge cards with the other villagers, grow the population, and win prizes!

So far, we have reached a population of 750 and seen the release of our very first DLC card!

A new question or challenge card will go live every Monday and Thursday.

Join our player community

If you haven’t joined our player community yet, please click here to join a Discord tour, or click here to join the server directly. And if you want to learn how to create a chat server for your alliance using Discord, we have a written tutorial for you here.

Good luck with all the weekly games and quizzes. We’ve got our fingers crossed that you’ll be the next winner!

Your Travian: Legends Team